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Old January 3rd, 2018, 03:47 PM
Hey everyone, I hope you all enjoyed your holiday season, and are raring to go into a whole new year of gaming! We've got a bevy of new content to greet you and help burn off that holiday pie! Rolling dice is exercise, right?

First up, People of the Wastes gives us a look into the hardy folk that thrive in the most harsh environments and provide options to make your own survivors. Then again not every hazard hails from the wastes, some find their danger among the noble and courtly, and few have been doing that longer than Taldor, the First Empire. If you hope to succeed in your scheming, or at least avoid the worst schemes of your foes, then you might want to check out the latest tools in Potions and Poisons. Then again, maybe you'd enjoy some time exploring the REAL first human empire (eat it, Taldor!) in the Ruins of Azlant, whose 4th and 5th chapter is now available as part of our Encounter Library. Or chill out In the Company of Unicorns instead, because imagining yourself to be a magical horse isn't any wierder than pretending to be a 4 foot tall hirsute biped with an axe fetish, now is it?

Player Companion #30 (with People of the Wastes!)
Player Companion #31 (with Potions and Poisons!)
Campaign Setting #19 (with Taldor, the First Empire)
In the Company of Unicorns
Ruins of Azlant Encounter Library

New Releases
  • People of the Wastes is now available as part of our Player's Companion #30 package!
  • Potions & Poisons is now available as the first book in our Player's Companion #31 package!
  • Taldor, the First Empire is now available as the first book in our Pathfinder Campaign Setting #19 package!
  • City in the Deep (Chapter 4) and Tower of the Drowned Dead (Chapter 5) of the Ruins of Azlant Encounter Library package are now available for purchase!
  • Don't be the last unicorn to join the party! Level up as a unicorn with Rite Publishing's In the Company of Unicorns, available now as a new package!

Enhancements & Changes
  • The Bouncy Body and Raiment of Command spell adjustments have been donated by one of our users, SunderedShadow. Thank you very much for your contribution!
  • Added a Remove Language adjustment to remove a language that was granted by some template or race, but isn't available to a particular character.

Bug fixes
  • Dire badgers were missing the ferocity ability.
  • The shifter's defensive instinct ability was applying its bonus when the character was wearing armor.
  • The Book ward spell was missing the descriptioin for protection from energy.
  • The Murderous crow had a typo in its description.
  • A worg's bite was missing the trip effect.
  • The Birthmark trait had a typo in its situational text.
  • The Hexcrafter magus archetype was not granting some spells with the curse descriptor.
  • The Shifter's Tiger major aspect was not getting grab with its natural attacks.
  • The Voidwalker ability was showing the wrong name in the list of class abilities.
  • Weapon Focus was complaining about selecting non-proficient choices when Elven Weapon Familiarity reduced Leaf blades and Thorn blades to martial weapons which then were proficient because of a class.
  • The Protection from Good spell adjustment displayed the wrong duration text.
  • The Favored Prestige Class feat was not functioning.
  • The Prestigious Spellcaster feat was not recognizing a matching selection on Favored Prestige Class.
  • The Serpent-Fire Adept monk archetype was not replacing Stunning Fist.
  • The Sczarni Executioner slayer archetype had a typo in its name.
  • The Great glass shield was counting as a suit of armor when equipped, rather than a shield.
  • Orb of the Void's mythic spell text was incorrect.
  • The Mount evolution was not available to traditional eidolons.
  • The Aldori defender's Disarming Strike had a typo in its name.
  • Certain feats which required fighter levels but had specific exceptions were not counting Warpriest levels as fighter levels when taken as Warpriest bonus levels.
  • Several kineticist blasts were not gaining the bonus if the hero had the Weapon Focus (blast) feat.
  • The cyclops' Flash of Insight ability was not showing its charges on the in-play tab.
  • The Fungal creature template was not granting a slam attack if the base creature had no natural attacks.
  • The Mutant template's mutation Resistance was allowing selection of energy resisitances that it should not be.
  • The Mutant template's deformity Vulnerability was not removing any resistances on the base creature.
  • The Shifter's Deinonychyus Major form was not getting pounce when polymorphed.
  • The Blighted defiler archetype's Elemental Might ability was not switching some aspects of blasts and talents to use Str instead of Con.
  • The Water Dancer archetype was showing as available to unchained monks.
  • The King Crab familiar was not applying a situational to the master for its familiar bonus.
  • The Blessing of Fervor: Extra Attack adjustment was not adding an extra attack to flurries.
  • Several feats from Heroes of the Jade Oath and Mythic Heroes Handbook needed the name of their source add to the feat's name so that it is clear when you are picking a variant feat and when you are selecting the normal version.
  • Some weapon like special abilities, like Morphic Weapon, were not registering as proficient when selected by Weapon Focus, for example.
  • The Phantom Blade archetype's Weapon of the Mind ability had a formatting typo in its description.
  • The Phantom Blade archetype's Weapon of the Mind ability was not allowing the selection of exotic weapons made proficient by elven or dwarven weapon familiarity.
  • The Untapped Potential trait was not showing its added spell like abilities correctly.
  • The Sword Binder wizard archetype was not changing the number of uses it gained with Hand of the Apprentice while leveling up.
  • The Moonbeam revelation of Moon oracles was not showing its DC.
  • The Savvy Seafarer feat had a typo in its name.
  • The Intrepid Volunteer (Combat Maneuver and Skill) traits were not reacting correctly when the new attribute had a lower bonus than the old attribute.
  • The Bellflower Tiller's Barn favored terrain was incorrectly sourced, which could cause it not to be selectable even when the user otherwise had access to the PrC.
  • The Sacred Servant Paladin archetype was still imposing its limited selection of animal companion races to companions gained by adding the Animal domain, and the effective level of said companion was not being reduced by an extra 3 levels for the weakening of the domain.
  • In some cases, elves were retaining the benefits of weapon familiarity even when that racial ability was replaced by an ART.
  • The Energy Resistance and Aborption rage powers' names have been made consistent with each other.
  • The blue-ringed octopus is now tiny instead of small.
  • Druidic Herbalism was not marked as forbidden for Pathfinder Society play.
  • The snowball spell was missing the creation subschool, and its spell resistance setting was incorrect.

Data File Authoring
  • Helper.SpiNoPower tag has been added. When this tag is on a shaman spirit ability it does not give the shaman's familiar abilities from that ability. Used in Primal Warden archetype.
  • The tag Helper.ReinfCraft has been added. If this is on a weapon, armor, or shield, the broken condition's penalties are reduced to -1 attack/damage (instead of -2) for weapons and 1/4 AC (instead of 1/2) for armor.
  • The procedure NumNat, which counts the number of natural attacks a hero has, has been improved with options that allow the inclusion of unarmed strike, attacks such as contrict and rake, disabled attacks, as well as not including weapons that have been hidden in the count. See the procedure for more details.
  • The procedures FocusToRes, FocusToImm, FocusToVul and FocusEnerg have been added. These set the focus to an energy resistance, immunity or vulnerability depending what BloodEner tag is on either the pick the procedure is called from or whatever pick has been set as our focus before the procedure is called. There are options in all these procedures to output the id of the resistance, immunity, or vulnerability instead of focusing to it. Additionally, with FocusToRes there is an option to focus on the "specific" versions of the resistance and a tag expression filter can be passed to the procedure to pick out a resitance the given tag expression. FocusEnerg contains all the three previous procedures. Which one is used depends on a number passed to the procedure (0 = vulnerability, 1 = resistance, 2 = immunity). See each of these procedures for more detals.
  • The procedure AlignSteps has been added. This returns how many steps difference the hero's moral, ethical and the full alignment is away from whatever pick called the procedure. The pick that calls this procedure must have the appropiate Alignment tags on it otherwise the procedure will exit without returning any results.
  • The category abCategory.TrpNoDmg has been added. This designates a ranger trap as one that does not deal hit point or ability damage.
  • the category abCategory.TrpModify has been added. This designates a ranger trap that modifies another trap.
  • For weapon and armor powers that change the final price of an item by a percentage two new tag groups CstPercInc and CstPerDec have been added. The value on these tag groups detrermine the percetage increase/decrease a power has on an item.
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Isn’t the shifter’s Defensive Instinct ability supposed to apply half the wisdom bonus and the additional bonus from the feature even when the shifter is wearing armor, as long as it isn’t metal?
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