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Old April 26th, 2017, 01:20 PM
What's better than a load of new monsters to torture your players with? Well, probably a lot of things, but it's still pretty neat! We've got 250+ more for you thanks to this week's Bestiary 6 release! And ever wonder what was going on in the depths of the earth, where the darkness reigns eternal? Wonder no longer, for with the resources contained within Heroes of the Darklands you'll be ready to send your adventurers to the deepest places!

Unfortunately, we've had to delay the Encounter Library portions the 2nd and 3rd issues of Ironfang Invasion until next week. This release should contain the non-portfolio portions of the adventures though, to tide you over until then!

For anyone looking to pick up our new data packages, you can find them here:

Bestiary 6
Heroes of the Darklands
Ironfang Invasion Encounter Library

New Releases
  • Bestiary 6 is now available as a new package! Over 250 fearsome foes to liven up your encounters!
  • Heroes of the Darklands is now available as the first book in our Player's Companion #27 package! Venture into the lightless depths of Golarion if you dare...

Enhancements & Changes
  • Hazards will now place the same text they display in the summary into the body of the description, so that hovering over the name of the hazard in the summary tabs will provide useful information.
  • Racial spellcasting spells can now have their slots adjusted using the incrementer next to each spell selected.

Bug fixes
  • When purchasing a custom item, the cost listed for the item once it was purchased would be twice what had been paid for it.
  • On the iPad, spells added by a magic item were not being displayed on the Play tab.
  • Expanded Versatility could only be taken once.
  • Improved Impaling Critical was requiring a selectioin from the weapons on the hero.
  • The animal call's situational was incomplete.
  • The Kitsune Trickster archetype's Charm person spell like ability was not showing for unchained rogues of an appropriate level.
  • The Fiendish Vessal cleric archetype wasn't granting the sub-abilities that are part of having a familiar.
  • The Fiendish Vessal cleric archetype's channel evil ability was not being affected by certain feats, like extra channel and improved channel.
  • The Blood Arcanist archetype was not getting some immunities/abilities granted by the added bloodline.
  • The Charlatan archetype's Rumormonger talent was not showing for unchained rogues of an appropriate level.
  • Skalds were not able to take advanced versatile performances for their limited list of perform skills.
  • Snare Setters and similar were not switching the important attribute dependant stats of their ranger traps from wisdom to intelligence.
  • Several ranger traps were addable an unlimited number of times.
  • Several spells were not addable more than once.
  • Eastern and Wester Star ioun stones were showing as allowed for PFS characters.
  • Kingdom statblocks now show a line for the kingdom's current treasury.
  • Kingdom statblocks with attached armies were always showing the army HP as 1, regardless of size or composition.
  • The Mooncursed barbarian archetype's shifting rage ability was not being affected by certain feats, like extra rage.
  • Members of the 4 races which can take the Mostly Human ART were correctly losing the default elemental language for the race, but then were not able to add it back with a starting language slot.
  • Heroes who took an ethnicity for their dragonkin (midgard) character were seeing an error.
  • The Wolf-hair shirt was not handling its formatting correctly.
  • Fervor juice was missing its source.
  • The Limning Trap's name was messed up, repeating the text twice.
  • Expansive Trap Ability was not having it's pre-req met by Learn Ranger Trap.
  • The No breath kineticist utility power was being treated as 1st level, rather than 2nd.
  • The Qadiran saddle was not negating the charge AC penalty for a hero mounted upon it when the mount charges.
  • The Blighted Fey template was not modifying the templated race's name.
  • Classes/races with proficiency in a subset of shields (like bucklers only or light shields only), were not displaying that in the header.
  • Money total display was missing a space.
  • Monks using the Armor as DR optional rule from Ultimate Combat were not adding the level based portion of their AC bonus to defense.
  • The Imp companion from HotJO was requireing the wrong alignment of its master.
  • The Undersized Mount feat was not allowing the hero to choose a same size mount with the Mounted condition.
  • The Weapon Range Increment Override adjustment would throw an error if the incrementer were set to any value for which there was not a pre-existing weapon with that range.
  • The Ability Score Substitution adjustment was not working by itself.
  • The Riding dog had an incorrect bonus to jump checks.
  • The Marshal role for kingdom advisors was incorrectly stating that it depended on Charisma or Dexterity, which should have been Wisdom or Dexterity.
  • The Ring of the sophisticate was not adding item spells which drew upon a common pool of castings.
  • Custom/Metamagic spells were showing their description text twice.
  • Racial bardic performance could, in some cases, display the wrong name in the statblock.
  • Weresharks were gaining the wrong natural AC bonus when in hybrid/animal form.
  • Spellcasting classes with the "Unrestricted" type of spellcasting were not functioning.
  • The Just Like New trait was applying a penalty to non-broken weapons, rather than offseting part of the penalty for broken weapons.
  • Stink Bomb had an incorrect duration.
  • The damage for a Postive Blast was incorrect.
  • The Drill Sergeant was granting a bonus teamwork feat at first level.
  • Added heavy mace as a favored weapon for Asmodeus in addition to light mace.
  • Great Old Ones were not forwarding thier mythic spell-like ability KnowMySpl.? tags to the hero. This has been fixed.
  • Cloned spells now display their mythic text if they have the Helper.Mythic tag.
  • Sightless (raGiaSight) was not showing on the statblock. This has been fixed.
  • Immunity to Gaze has been split into xImmGaze which is just for immunity to gaze and xImmVision for immunity to vision-based effects.
  • Stunning Fist Helper was showing in the Specials area of the statblock. This has been fixed.
  • Timing of script in Dragon's Breath Weapon (raDrBreath) has been changed. The setting of the breath weapon's livename was not adding in the saving throw DC text correctly.
  • Brineborn giants were not counting as marsh giants for prereqs. This is now fixed.
  • Slayers didn't have access to the rogue bonus feat talent.
  • Draconic breath couldn't fulfill the pre-requisites for Noxious Bite.
  • The Sohei archetype couldn't choose Wheeling Charge as a bonus feat.
  • Based on a consult with Paizo, we have removed the +4 racial stealth bonus from the Duergar.
  • Rock Throwing was only applying its bonus to rock like weapons, not rock like abilities. This has been fixed
  • The constrict evolution couldn't be applied to a tail slap attack.
  • The panthereon golem from Mummmy's Mask wasn't showing as a golem for certain pre-requisites.
  • The Phalanx shield was reporting an error about its adamantine material.
  • The Greater Air Shroud and Celerity utility talents had incorrect summaries.
  • Spells granted by a magic item were incorporating the character's ability score modifiers when calculating their DCs (spells for a staff still do incorporate DCs).
  • Echolocation was not on the Psychic spell list (it should be a 5th level spell for that class).

Data File Authoring
  • Merged Empyreal Lord Traits (raEmpLoTr) and Empyreal Realm (raEmpyrRea) into new Empyral Lord Traits (xEmpyrLord) ability. This now handles an Empereal Lord's mythic realm abilities similar to archdevils, etc.
  • Savage Bite (raSavBite) has been generalized to allow users to set how the attack's critical range and critical multipler are modified.
  • Added abArea and abAreaText fields for abilities. These fufill the same role as abRange and abRangeText but for area of an effect usually at some range (For example, 20-ft. radius spread at 90 ft. range)
  • Added automatic livename and statblock name tag IncArea for area.
  • Added tag group abAreaRang which speficies the units of our area effect. Inherits the tag values from the abRange group.
  • Added tags Helper.AreaAbbrev and Helper.AreaRngAbv which abbreviates the units of the abArea and abAreaRang tag groups respectively.
  • The Target tags AllManufac, AllManuMel, and AllManuRng have been added. These target all manufactured, manufactured melee, and manufactured ranged weapons.
  • The tag Helper.NoNmPreInt has been added. This prevents the automatic prepending of the text "integrated" for weapons with the tag wCategroy.Integrated
  • The tag Helper.NoPullRoot has been added so Cloned spells now have the ability to have their usage and other traits directly tagged to them instead of getting them from the pick that bootstraps it.
  • The LycanAttr procedure has been updated to handle entrothropes. The procedure now looks for the tags RaceGroup.Lycan or RaceGroup.Entothrope to determine its behavior.
  • For creatures that gain mythic versions of their spell-like abilities when they are in their realm a number of tags have been added. Helper.RealmMySpl has a dual role, it designates a spell, spell-like ability or feat that targets a spell as one that becomes mythic (mythic spell in case of a feat) when in their realm, and lets HeroLab know the creature has realm mythic spells. This behavior is triggered if the tag Hero.InRealm in on the hero.
  • Added StatblHide.RacSkMod tag which prevents a skill's racial modifier from being displayed on the statblock.
  • Added sSacrifice and sNamePrefx fields to BaseSpell component. sSacrifice is for a sacrifice component in an occult ritual. sNamePrefx prepends its text to the name of a spell.</i>
  • Troop attack and Volley attack have been standardized so they can be modified by alternate troop abilities from Bestiary 6.
  • Added wCategory.Volley for attacks that are for troop volley type attacks
  • Added OverAndAug tag group for templates that override the type (thus recalculates BAB, saves and skill points) but also grants the augmented subtype.
  • Procedure PrCalcCR has been added. This calculates a creature's CR before it normally would be. This is useful for abilities that depend on CR.
  • A generalized racial version of barbarian's rage, xRage, and a number of procedures that deal with rage effects have been added.
  • The Adjustment tab in the editor now shows edit controls for the pUsePicks and pUsePicks2 fields, which control whether the candidate expressions for an adjustment are looking for picks or things. They are called "Uses Picks?" and "Uses Picks for Expression #2", and are immediately after the candidate expression they apply to.

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Old April 27th, 2017, 06:46 PM
Awesome update, however I can no longer see my bonded wizard's Elemental wall tracker. It used to be, I think, on the "In Play" tab under Activated Abilities.
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Old May 1st, 2017, 08:18 AM
Please use the stickied support thread to report bugs.
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Old May 1st, 2017, 03:06 PM
Several other people reported this issue already (it also happens for many other spell-like abilities from classes, such as most SLAs granted by wizard schools, sorcerer bloodlines, or cleric domains, as well as the summoner's summon monster ability). I've fixed it for the next update.
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