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Old March 29th, 2017, 01:35 PM
Just a smidge of new books this month! Character in need of some pathos? Hometown tragically un-burned to the ground? "Trail of the Hunted" kicks off the latest AP and will provide all the angst you could ever need! Now, heart filled with vengeance, take back the night with the tools in Monster Hunter's Handbook. I'm not saying the contents of this book will make you Batman, but I'm not NOT saying that either!

For anyone looking to pick up our new data packages, you can find them here:

Monster Hunter's Handbook
Ironfang Invasion Encounter Library
Royal Class

New Releases
  • Monster Hunter's Handbook is now available as the first book in the Player's Companion #26 package!
  • Do you dare walk the "Trail of the Hunted"? Episode 1 of Ironfang Invasion is now available as the first chapter in our latest Encounter Library.
  • The Royal Class from Playground Adventures is now available! Play as a princess or prince with a blessing... or a curse!

Enhancements &amp Changes
  • The displayed value of encumberance will now show to the first decimal place, rather than the nearest whole number. For example, a character with 32 and a half pounds of gear will now show "32.5", not "33".
  • Meditation and Prayer Books now cause the "Show spells in spellbooks" print options to appear.

Bug fixes
  • The Psychic Detective investigator archetype would lose its spell slots if the user was using the Class Pack entry path and did not have access to the Bard class.
  • Custom/Magic Madu were not showing the shield portion of themselves when creating a custom/magic version of the weapon.
  • The Inspired Vigilante talent was incorrectly requiring 8th level to take this it.
  • Spells in Meditation and Prayer Books were incorrectly showing alongside memorized spell when printing spells.
  • Printed weapon attacks were not reflecting Furious Focus' modifications to the first attack bonus.
  • The damage bonus from the investigator's Studied Combat ability now shows as precision damage.
  • The Stonesinger custom racial trait was granting the same spell-like ablities as Stoneseer.
  • The Sacred Fist's AC bonus was applying as a deflection bonus instead of a dodge bonus.
  • Child of Kintargo wasn't counting toward the Charisma pre-requisite for the updated version of Noble Scion.
  • The akata was recieveing an extra bonus to jump checks.
  • Certain Bomb discoveries were not showing an error if the alchemist had replaced its bomb ability.
  • The Immolation Bomb discovery had an incorrect minimum level required.
  • Tainted Infusion had the wrong summary.
  • Sleeper Agent was missing its minimum level requirement.
  • Creatures with the Troop subtype are no longer available to select as the race for a polymorph effect.

Data File Authoring
  • A new automatic prereq was added, for caster level. This is the reqCastLev field, and assigning a NoCLPre identity tag for that specific item to the hero will suppress this automatic prereq for that item. Existing feats and other things that had caster level prereqs have been switched to use this new field instead of writing out individual prereqs for caster level.
  • All favored enemy (outsider) options have all been assigned the HasAbility.RgrFavEOut tag, and all favored enemy (humanoid) options have been assigned HasAbility.RgrFavEHum, so that it is simpler to search for any item within those categories.
  • Added the AbilFunc.AltBombSpl tag to mark alchemist discoveries that change the splash area of a bomb and AbilFunc.AltBombDam to mark alchemist discoveries that change the damage type of a bomb to certain alchemist bomb discoveries. This was needed by the Ooze Bomb ability of the Oozemaster archetype.
  • Added a number variable to polymorph procedures, "basesplim". If a value is set, then the base speed of the chosen new form is limited to that number if it is greater. If not set, then there is no limit to the form's speed.
  • Added a new script named "foCandExpr standard exceptions" to the polymorph helper that runs at First/12000 (after the Polymorph Phase 3 scripts, which are at First/10000), and appends the following to the foCandExpr field: " & !component.BaseComp & !Helper.Obsolete & !Helper.Helper & !hasbootstrap:stMythic & !hasbootstrap:stSwarm & !hasbootstrap:stTroop & !hasbootstrap:tmGiant & !hasbootstrap:tmAdvanced & !hasbootstrap:tmAdvAnim & !hasbootstrap:tmYoung". Existing polymorph scripts generally repeated this list of exclusions, meaning that in order to update the list, several dozen scripts needed to be changed individually. In this case, the update was to exclude the Troop subtype. Existing plymorph phase 3 scripts have been modified to no longer include that list of standard exceptions (although it won't hurt if they're not modified - repeating the same "!something" more than once is redundant, but won't change the results).

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Old March 29th, 2017, 07:00 PM
Nitpick - shouldn't Monster Hunter's Handbook be the second (and apparently last) book in Player's Companion #26, after Psychic Anthology?

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Old March 30th, 2017, 05:13 AM
It would be really awesome if The Gifted Archetype for the Royal class
would in fact reduce the crafting costs of wonderous items just as "Hedge Magician2 or "Spark of Creation" does ♥ Please? ♥
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