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Old November 14th, 2016, 05:26 PM
Hey, mid-month release to bring you the exciting new mythic options from our friends at Legendary Games. Mythic Heroes need a variety of powerful foes to overcome, and that's just what the Mythic Monster Manual offers in abundance, available now for 19.99!

For anyone looking to pick up our new data package, you can find it here:

Mythic Monster Manual

New Releases
  • The Mythic Monster Manual, from Legendary Games, is now available on our web store!

Enhancements & Changes
  • The Ashvawg Tamer archetype has had a note added to explain why it's exotic companions ability can't be implemented.
  • The Bottled Ooze discovery now allows the alchemist to memorize a formula with a box for the user to enter the contained ooze.
  • Resist Energy, when added to a custom potion, now displays a box in which you can enter the energy type.
  • Added a Attribute Typed Bonus adjustment, for adding typed bonuses to an attribute.

Bug Fixes
  • The companions for the Alchemist (Construct Rider) weren't getting their types and type benefits.
  • Deadly Aim was applying to touch attacks.
  • The Sword-Saint archetype wasn't replacing the samurai's mount ability.
  • The Reanimator archetype was causing error messages incorrectly.
  • Nonlethal damage from a kineticist's burn ability wasn't being counted towards unconsciousness.
  • Psychic spellcasters weren't qualifying for the Tattooed Mystic prestige class.
  • Addicted Friend was raising an error.
  • The inferno pistol wasn't showing up as a choice for Technic Training.
  • Shadowdancers didn't have access to ninja tricks.
  • A vigilante warlock's mystic bolts were changing their damage base on the character's size.
  • In Pathfinder Society play, the Sword-Saint archetype wasn't replacing the samurai's mounted archer ability.
  • The Deepsight feat was misnamed, and was causing it's own pre-requisite to fail once added to a hero.
  • Diamond Soul, when added through the Quinggong archetype or Unchained monk Ki ability, was always applying SR 10, regardless of level.
  • The Remorse emotional focus for Spiritualist phantoms was not being accounted for in the Fractured Mind archetype, Emotional Conduit feat, and Spirit-Bound Blade spell.
  • The Living Grimoire Inquisitor archetype was not replacing Slayer, Second Judgment and Third Judgment.
  • The Holy Book weapon was not setting it's enhancement bonus to attack and damage, when making a selection in its form. It also could not be selected by, for example, weapon focus.
  • The Noble-in-Exile region trait had an unnecessary selector.
  • The Wily Warrior feat was missing its pre-requisites.
  • The Sensuous Charm feat was missing its pre-requisite.
  • The Heroism and Greater Heroism spell adjustments were not increasing Initiative checks.
  • When using monster customization with Mythic monsters, mythic feats which were removed were adding slots for mundane feats, rather than slots to replace them with an equivalent number of mythic feats.
  • Steadfast Personality was not affecting only mind-affecting will saves, rather than all saves (as clarified by recent FAQ).
  • Angelic Flesh (Brazen) was applying Fire resist 3, instead of 5.
  • The Minotaur's Powerful charge damage did not change in relation to changing Str scores.
  • Gunslingers were showing an entry in the statblock for deeds, even when none had been taken.
  • The Combat Trick rogue Talent, when taken by Inquisitors with certain archetypes, were not able to take a combat feat because the table was already in use.
  • Cartridge ammunition which was placed inside a gun was showing twice in the gear section of the statblock.
  • Foresight Alacrity was not correctly sourced.
  • The Lemming familiar displayed the wrong text for what it's familiar bonus was.
  • Armored kilts, when added to another armor, were incorrectly increasing weight by 20 lbs, instead of 10 lbs.
  • The Gnome Pincher weapon was always showing as proficient for gnomes, even when weapon familiarity was replaced by an ART.
  • Weapon Focus and similar things which required proficiency in the selected target were not correctly detecting changes in proficiency requirements from Commonplace Guns or Guns Everywhere.
  • Axe Muskets were not usable in melee.
  • The Blessed book item was not functioning as a spellbook.
  • Arcanists who took school understanding and chose Universalist were getting a validation error.
  • The Hex Strike feat was not able to select hexes chosen by Shamans.
  • The enchanting courtesan was granting double extra magic levels at levels 2-10.

Data File Authoring
  • Adding User.NeedDomain to a memorized spell or one inside a container now results in it displaying a box for user text.
  • Added Automatic Livename/Statblock Name tags for the abValue5 field.

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