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Old February 12th, 2013, 12:26 PM
Originally Posted by Truwen View Post
1. Will all players have to purchase this to use it as a player? Can the DM purchase a liscense and the players be able to connect using a (Free) client/player client? My reason for this question is that I know some people (my brother and maybe father) will likely not want to buy a DM liscense for whatever reasons, not in budget, not enough money, not ever interested in DMing etc.
For the answer to this, please see the FAQ at the bottom of the main Kickstarter page. Questions #12 and #13 will hopefully provide you with the answers you seek.

Originally Posted by Truwen View Post
2. I am a huge fan of hero lab and how it is supported by D20pro. Will GW support some sort of "link" with D20pro. I will be using GW for orginzation, and D20pro for the visual/virtual gameplay aspect, so I would not want to "lose out" On my investment into D20pro and Herolab since I use them side by side any time I am dming. So I am just curious if there are any plans for these products to work together in any way.
The following is about to be included in a new FAQ update, but it hasn't gone out yet, so I'll post it here:

We've been in discussions with the d20Pro team and we anticipate providing smooth integration between our two products. That being said, we arenít prepared to say what level of integration will exist in the first release of Realm Works. We do believe Realm Works and VTTs will work well together even without full integration since Realm Works is more broadly focused on the campaign itself.

Additionally, any integration with VTTs is going to entail work by us and the VTT development team, and we havenít agreed upon any specifics with d20Pro or anyone else as of yet. The integration will be further complicated by the fact that using VTTs for play is game-specific, while Realm Works is completely game system neutral. So, good integration with VTTs is planned, but we donít have an estimate as to when that will be achieved.

Originally Posted by Truwen View Post
3. Question #2 leads me to this, is GW a replacement for virtual tabletops or a companion to virtual tabletops?
Definitely the latter. There will be limited overlap of functionality, but not much. If all a GM uses a VTT for is showing maps to the players, then he might not need the VTT anymore. However, if the players control their positions, light-sources are desired, ranges and spell effects are used, or anything else like that, the VTT will still be needed. We're definitely not trying to reinvent a wheel that has already been done by multiple tools. Our focus is on campaign management and disseminating content to players.
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Old February 12th, 2013, 05:02 PM
Thanks Rob. And I noticed I kept referring to Realm Works as GW. Oops. I appreciate the answers and will refer to the faq for the others.
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