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Old January 26th, 2023, 02:05 PM
Hello Everyone, so Iíve been using the original Hero Lab Classic off and on for a while now. Iíve Finally found a group thatís serious about playing so Iíve looked into numerous programs to help me GM. I own some content from the classic and I know that it can carry over to the Online version. Now that Iím in the GM position, Iíve run into a content limitation and Iím wanting to explore my options. My question is this: Is there a subscription that allows me access to ALL content, or do I have to buy all of the stuff like in the Classic Version? I see the standard and Patron options and one allows players to share content with those participating in the campaigns.

Does this allow me access to all sorts of content? An example is that I do not own the Advanced Classes and 2 of my players are using the hybrid classes (Swashbuckler and a Slayer). Would I have to buy the advanced classes or whatever other character building packages if I wanted access to other content? Since we all want to explore the ďnon-vanillaĒ options, I donít want to have to buy numerous options. My other problem is that I own different books and the options to buy a pack of content, would include some of the stuff I already own.

Iíve supported Hero Lab since 2014, and Iíd love an option to have access to ALL character creation content without having to buy the $299 option. So to summarize my questions for the tl;drÖ

1. Is there a subscription that allows access to ALL pathfinder 1e content?
2. If I purchase a bundle that contains some content I already own, does it factor that out or am I essentially paying twice for content I already own?
3. If I purchase the Patron level subscription that allows me to share content I own, do my players all need to own the standard subscription or can they use a free version to build their characters in my campaign?

Iíve checked the FAQ and some of the forums and didnít see questions and answers I was looking for. If I overlooked these, I apologize. Thanks for your time folks!
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Old January 27th, 2023, 01:47 PM
1. You have to buy all the stuff. Afterwards (for PF1) it's there in both Classic and Online if you've hooked up your Classic account.

2. Yes, bundles generally give you a discount for things you already own. It should say so when you look at the bundle.

3. They only need to make a free account ("Apprentice").

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