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Old March 21st, 2023, 08:35 PM
I've owned this for a couple of years now, but barely used as my gaming opportunities fell off a cliff. Recently I started using it again, trying to start my first realm.

I have a chunk of text that is multiple paragraphs that I copied and pasted into a snippet. The paragraphs reference a couple of NPCs. Some of those NPCs are mentioned by name several times in the paragraphs.

I've created People objects for the NPCs and when I rescan the chunk of text, it finds and links the first instance of each NPC only. It won't find and link subsequent duplicates of the name. I'm assuming this is to maybe prevent link clutter? I don't know.

I do have a workaround: I can break each paragraph into it's own snippet. I still won't get 2 or more links if a particular paragraph has duplicates though.

Currently I prefer the paragraph form with each new paragraph getting a couple spaces to indent it, and it all be in one snippet, but apparently if I want links for everywhere a name pops up, I have to have multiple snippets.

Is there a setting or something I am missing that can force it to auto-detect and link duplicates in the same snippet?

I know I can manually select the text of each duplicate instance and manually create a link, but that is tedious and kind of defeats the purpose of the auto-scan. Plus this is a work in progress, and I won't know all the objects I am going to want / need until I finish porting over the source material.

I am sure when I am mostly done I will go back through and do rescans for links which I am assuming might clear the manual links as the menu item for rescanning says "Clear content links and rescan". So even if manually linking stuff wasn't tedious, I am worried it would be for naught.


Tangentially related: I purchased a content from the marketplace that should have some similarities to my current source content that I am manually porting over (my manual content isn't on the marketplace - at least not that I could find). The main reason I did so was to use as a learning tool to see how it was structured so I could do a similar structure. But also I would also just have that premade content available to run for my group in the future. Win win.

Anyway, on here when looking for how to get the auto-links / scan work the way I want, I read this post: http://forums.wolflair.com/showthrea...highlight=scan

I imported the premade content into the same new realm. When I was experimenting with the 'Scan For New Links' button in the ribbon bar under the Manage tab, it keeps trying to link a object from my new content into a matching (but unrelated) word in the premade content, altering the premade content.

So based on the post above, I created 2 new Topic Views and I moved my new content into its own Topic View and the premade content into its own Topic View. I select my new content view, and then click the rescan button, but it's still trying add links to the premade content to my new content. So I am unsure of what I am doing wrong, but it seemed like in the post above, if I had my view open, the rescan should only try to scan and link stuff in my view, excluding everything outside of it. But it isn't doing that - so maybe I misunderstood or I am just using the wrong button / menu item?

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