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Old May 26th, 2011, 11:01 AM
Little, but very annoying bug.

Avatar of Menoth cannot be the part of battlegroup (holy vessel rule), thus a player cannot spend warjack points on Avatar.

But currently Avatar price is discounted by warjack points (bonus points), making it harder to create proper roster with this kind of warjack.

May be it should be secluded from warjack list and added into the Menoth army list on his own?
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Old June 21st, 2011, 07:38 PM
You can fix this bug fairly easily, if you want - assuming it is a bug, I don't know the Menoth rules well enough to comment.

(Be sure to back up the data file before doing the following, just in case - I don't guarantee anything - it breaks, oh well)

File the data file where AB is installed, if you have Windows 7 it will be C:\ProgramData\Army Builder\data\warmachine, somewhere in C:\program files for XP.

Open protectorate.dat in notepad.
Search for "Avatar of Menoth" in the file
Look down about 40 lines, there will be an line with "<member>FALSE</member>"
Remove the line.
Switch Game system and select Warmachine.
AB will rebuild the data files.
The Avatar will show up in the main list of units.

All fixed.
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