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This month continues pathfinder's exploration of the deep, with the release of Blood of the Sea. What wonders hide in the depths? Buy the book and find out! The other content of this release is the Player and GM content for the latest chapter of the Ironfang Invasion! Unfortunately, some setbacks have delayed the portfolios for chapter 6 being added to the encounter library, but we'll get that done as soon as possible!

Our newest packages:

Player Companion #28 (with Adventurer's Armory 2, and Blood of the Sea!)
Ironfang Invasion Encounter Library

New Releases
  • Blood of the Sea is now available as part of our Player's Companion #28 package! Options for the deep peeps!
  • Ironfang Invasion chapter #6 Player and GM content is now available in the Encounter Library, although unfortunately the portfolios for the last chapter are not yet complete.

Bug fixes
  • Several rage powers from the Advanced Class Guide were missing their source.
  • The Ecclesitheurge archetype was having trouble with the domains of its secondary domain.
  • Extra Lay on Hands was not reacting correctly when multiple possible targets were present.
  • Gloves of dueling were showing Advanced Fighter Trainings in their lists of selections.
  • Archetypes which added spellbook spellcasting to certain classes were not showing the option to print the spellbook's contents.
  • The Mostly Human ART was not allowing the user to add extra copies of non-unique favored class bonuses.
  • Several meta words from Deep Magic had typos in their descriptions.
  • The Legalistic oracle curse was missing situationals.
  • The Blessed Touch trait was not adding to the Healer's Way ability.
  • The Vortex gun was listing the incorrect damage.
  • The Shaped Capacity (Instant Armor) ability was not increasing its bonus when the total defense condition was activated.
  • In some cases, Challenge was not increasing its effects in response to some magic items boosting that.
  • Experimental Caster was not able to select races with racial spellcasting.
  • The Usher of Lost Souls' channel energy wasn't showing it DC, damage, or uses per day.
  • The Deific Obedience boons for Pharasma were showing incorrectly.

Data File Authoring
  • Added the FavClass.Any tag, for favored class bonuses which can be associated with any favored class (such as with the Cecaelia's Focus Tattoo favored class bonus).
  • The Grande Temple of Jing player content is no longer enabled by default.
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