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Old February 3rd, 2015, 06:46 AM
Originally Posted by Redjack View Post
I will add that twice over the past two weeks as GM, I have encountered a similar issue:
1) Make changes to a realm
2) Return to Realm Menu
3) Sync. Get success message.
4) Exit
1) Come back later and open realm works.
{Can't remember if it showed out of sync or it I made updates and then went to sync them}
2) Sync. Error message about the local database and cloud being out of sync.
Just how in the world does that occur when I'm the only one updating the realm?
I think I can explain that one. I've noticed that if I /delete/ anything and then go to update, that message pops up because it knows you're going to lose something. Always kinda freaks me out because I get paranoid I'll somehow pick the wrong one.

Thankfully I don't delete stuff very often.

Originally Posted by Rob
If this happens, the only thing that helps to ultimately solve this is to submit a bug report!
Gladly, but how does one submit a bug report when the system /thinks/ it's working fine? It's not crashing or anything, the symptom is just that the realm on Player Edition constantly /thinks/ it's updating successfully when it isn't, and then gets stuck in the endless loop of Sync Successful, You Need to Sync to Get In, Sync Successful, You Need to Sync to Get In.

My player did complain shortly thereafter that his internet in general was being slow, which does support Redjack's theory above.
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Old February 3rd, 2015, 09:53 AM
Originally Posted by jerrycnh View Post
Gladly, but how does one submit a bug report when the system /thinks/ it's working fine?
You visit the Report a Bug link on the website:


I've put everything through there: actual bugs, random issues, minor suggestions that aren't worthy of a thread, and full-bore suggestions in there, probably to where the Devs get sick of it. :)

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