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Old December 15th, 2018, 02:08 PM
Is there a way to stop Realm Works displaying the warning about font choice or font symbols Full Error

Over the past few days (yes plural) I have found a number of symbols that I can use to represent images that would otherwise be impossible to display as text and still be readable and condensed for a little joke - Code2002 anyone?

From looking at glyphs and fonts that support them, I have discovered Quivira to be a font that has all three current symbols, and with a bit of hope, this font may also have other symbols when I find them that can replace the need of images in a snippet block.

However, with every single edit, Realm Works, warns me, that these elements, have been, detected. And that, websites using them, may not work, as intended.

And its getting annoying!

The symbols I have identified are
  • '⤢' - Northeast and Southwest Arrow (U+2922)
  • '-' - Fullwidth Hyphen-minus (U+FF0D)
  • '+' - Fullwidth Plus Sign (U+FF0B)

These characters make reading and typing easier than having to look at the text for a longer period of time.

No one wants to read text then have to focus for a moment or two to decipher -----. So its much more easier to have a symbol that is designed for such purposes. That is where fullwidth symbols come in handy. Seeing +++++ becomes easier to understand in a block of text, and you can tell that a northwest to southwest symbol ⤢ is different from a forward slash /.
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