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So I have a Pyro-Kineticist that I use hero lab to keep up with and I have noticed a couple of problems that I wanted to ask about. I have done my best to research these, but have found no answers, so here I am. They are as follows:

1. One of the feats that a Kineticist can take is Kinetic Invocation, a feat that gives the Kineticist a couple of spells to cast using burn. These spells do not appear in my spells tab as I hoped they would, and because of this, I have had to look up each spell in separate internet tabs just to remember what they do. I was wondering if this is some kind of bug or glitch, or if there is a way to put them in my spells tab that I have just missed.

2. Due to some abilities my Kineticist can take, he can obtain a variety of Improved Familiars. I was under the impression that Improved Familiars do not have the familiar ability that allows them to speak with there own kind. This is why most Improved Familiars can't have archetypes. My hero lab does not take away this ability for Improved Familiars and because of that my Improved Familiar CAN choose an archetype, which I'm fairly sure it can't. Is there something I'm missing here, or is Hero Lab in the wrong and should take away the "Speak with others of its kind" ability for Improved Familiars?

Thanks for looking at this, sorry if I'm just stupid and missed something.
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