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kunimon at ya.com
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Old September 12th, 2004, 10:10 AM
The fixed cards use a different sequence of numbers that of the
non-fixed set. As it is now, if you try to order by number, you get both
sequences mixed. Why don't you number the fixed cards as F1, F2, and so
on to avoid this?

Some cards have a 'descriptor', or subtitle. I was able to find it under
the 'artwork' tag. Wouldn't it be more appropiate to have this infa
under a 'descriptor' tag? After all, it is the correct game term. In
fact, I'd like it would be best to have it as a part of the title, but
perhaps the deckbuilding rules wouldn't work correctly? (Note: In this
game, you can have 4 of every named card. If you have two cards with the
same name, but different 'descriptor', you still cannot go over 4 total.
For instance: 'Cthulhu, The Great Old One' and 'Cthulhu, The Thing That
Should Not Be'). If the cards can otherwise be marked to count as the
same for deck construction purposes, I think it would be much more clear
and useful that the format of the card name was: "Name, Descriptor"

There is a second promo card. The info is:
Card name: 'Cthulhu for President'
Number: 02
Cost: 2
Type: Event
Faction: Neutral
Text: "Play during your operations phase. \nAction: search your deck for
an {i}{b}Ancient One{/b}{/i}character, reveal that character to all
players, and put into your hand or discard pile. Then shuffle your
Artist: Matt Dixon


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