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Old December 16th, 2013, 05:50 PM
Official (In the downloader)
50 Fathoms - Zarlor
Deadlands: Hell On Earth - Zarlor (Updated 12/16/2014)
Deadlands: Noir - Zarlor
Deadlands: Reloaded - CapedCrusader
East Texas University - Zarlor
Flash Gordon - CapedCrusader
Gaslight - CapedCrusader
High Space - JBearWillis
Interface Zero 2.0 - CapedCrusader
Necessary Evil (requires Super Powers Companion) - Zarlor
Pirates of the Spanish Main - Zarlor
Rippers - dartnet (updated 07/24/2014)
Slipstream - CapedCrusader
Solomon Kane - CapedCrusader
Space 1889 - Zarlor
Tour of Darkness - Zarlor
Weird War II - Zarlor
Weird Wars: Rome - Zarlor

Coming Soon Done but not yet on downloder. (in expected order of release, which is subject to change)
Evernight - Zarlor
Achtung! Cthulhu - Endtransmission
Shaintar - dartnet (Updated 05/31/15)
Widening Gyre - dartnet
Battle for Oz - dartnet (Updated 12/12/14)
Karthador - dartnet
Achtung! Cthulhu - Endtransmission

Coming Soon Still being created.

Deadlands Reloaded (major update including adding The Flood and Lost Sons sources) - CapedCrusader

Unofficial Files - Active (PM the data file author listed to get a copy.)
Accursed - dartnet (Updated 12/12/14)
Agents of Oblivion - dartnet (Updated 12/12/14)
Rippers Reloaded - dartnet (updated 7/26/2017)
The Last Parsec - datnet
6th Gun - dartnet
The Day After Ragnarok - dartnet
Hellfrost – CapedCrusader
Kaiser's Gate - dartnet (Updated 12/13/14)
Kerberos Club - dartnet (updated 1/5/14)
Mars - dartnet (Updated 12/12/14)
Necropolis - zarlor
Broken Earth - Paragon
Ravaged Earth: 2nd Edition - dartnet
Realms of Cthulhu – tatteredking
Runepunk – Tatteredking*95% complete (Works with latest patch)
Sundered Skies – tatteredking
Thrilling Tales - darnet

Fan Conversions
Star Wars - CapedCrusader
Firefly - dartnet
Judge Dredd - JBearWillis
Left 4 Dead – TehBagder
Runequest - Manalishi66 (New)
Star Frontiers - Manalishi66 (New)
TORG - dartnet

Coming Soon

Inactive (Presumed if DataFile Author has not logged in for over 6 months)
Beasts and Barbarians - richkz
Day after Ragnarok – Praetor
Gaslight - Gumbytie
Low Life – CliffR
Savage Mass Effect – Praetor

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