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Old December 21st, 2014, 02:49 PM
Originally Posted by Seregil View Post
You know, I have seen people scream calendars over and over again (or maybe it's just Chemlak over and over :-) ). Is it REALLY that big of a deal? (and I mean this respectfully)


Can someone explain to me why it THAT important?
For me, it would be like having to use a real-world map instead of my custom fantasy maps. Calendars are an important part of world building for me and crucial for the immersive experience. This is especially important to my current campaign where cultural fault lines and flash points play a large role in events and encounters in the campaign. Like currency, clothing, and hair styles, calendars are one of the easily overlooked sources of cultural fetishes and controversies that I find an incredibly fascinating window into history and the politics, religious disputes, and cultural identities of different groups in different ages.

The main draw of RW for me was that it provided a tool to help with world building. The ability to create custom calendars is a critical part of world building. That is why it is important to me. For my use case, everything else is bells and whistles and I'm happy with the tool as it is—EXCEPT for the lack of support for multiple custom calendars.
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Old December 21st, 2014, 07:08 PM
Yep, what they said.

Like Chemlak, I run a Forgotten Realms campaign, so having the Calendar of Harptos in RW would help organize the hundreds of events occurring on any given day.

I've also created my own worlds, with their own calendars that aren't Gregorian-based, and I need the ability to tie my history / clues that players stumble upon to specific dates that currently can't exist within RW.

It's vital from both an immersion and organizational stand point.

RW is for world building. You can't build a world *without* a calendar.

Nor live in one without it, for that matter! Try making through the work week without one.
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Old December 23rd, 2014, 07:40 PM
I'd be happy with a spell checker.
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Old December 27th, 2014, 09:00 AM
As an interim step for updated map pins, would it be possible to use the associated Topic icon as the pin shape? being able to differentiate Communities, Locations, Geographic Regions, and Quests would be a phenomenal benefit for more developed worlds, even while waiting for the full solution.
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Old December 28th, 2014, 03:59 PM
Custom Calendars!


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Old December 28th, 2014, 05:05 PM
Y'see, I'm of two minds about a spell-checker. On the one hand, I love getting my words right, and simple spelling errors bug me six ways from Sunday. On the other hand, having to go through my realm and add every single proper noun to the dictionary would be a pain.

Calendars, on the other hand...
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Old December 28th, 2014, 10:09 PM
I agree - a spellchecker doesn't seem very important. And which language should it check? I believe there are at least 7 different versions of English not to mention the hundreds of other languages.

I for one use a mixture of languages when writing, not being a native English speaker.

And I too would hate to see all my non-English nouns pointed out in red.

At least it should not be a priority or take up time from other projects.

Calendars, on the other hand...

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Using Realm Works, Worldographer (Hexographer 2), LibreOffice, Daz3D Studio, pen & paper for the realm World of Temeon and the system LEFD - both homebrewed.

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Old January 4th, 2015, 01:28 PM
Originally Posted by EightBitz View Post
I put this in the survey, but I want to say it here, too. Whenever I've recommended Realm Works to other gamers, someone invariably brings up the fact that it's a closed product. Once your data goes in, it never comes out.

My personal experience in recommending your product has been that this has been the single most common criticism, and has kept you off the radar of many potential customers.
This! In so many ways this. As it is I can enter my data, while planning my sessions, but then I can't print or export to create player handouts or use the information during the session itself. (I don't allow opened electronic devices during a session.)
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Old January 4th, 2015, 03:16 PM
I would love a spell checker to deal with the occasional "fat finger" typing but I never thought about the language issue. I wish there was a way a user could add a spell checker to the program so they can choose which language to use.
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Old January 6th, 2015, 01:22 AM
Spell checkers could be nice... if available in other languages than English...
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