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Old November 11th, 2019, 07:09 PM
Alright, so I've been wading my way through my first class, the Expert from UA Sidekicks. Currently stuck on the Inspiring Help ability. First, for the abilities test for reference:

"Starting at 9th level, the sidekick's assistance becomes especially inspiring. When the sidekick uses its Helpful bonus action, the creature who receives the help also gains a 1d6 bonus to the d20 roll. If that roll is an attack roll, the creature can forgo adding the bonus to it, and then if the attack hits, the creature can add the bonus to the attack's damage roll against one target.
At 18th level, the bonus increases to 2d6."

So with this being an ability that increases incrementally at difference levels, I figured I'd base it off of Sneak Attack's file. Copied it, changed the text to the relevant ability, changed ID, all that. Left all the bits that look like they were responsible for counting up iterations and adding. Changed the one script to this:

field[listname].text = "Inspiring Help " & signed(field[xIndex].value) & "d6"

Saved, and validated. Bootstrapped it to the Class and added what level its at. But when I go to check it in herolab, it shows 0d6 in the summary and doesn't added it up with added twice. Not sure where to go...
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Old November 12th, 2019, 05:11 PM
I'm not sure what you deleted out of the scripts, but I do know that Sneak Attack had a script and line in there that went:

field[abValue].value += field[xCount].value
This calculated a value based on the number of times it was bootstrapped (and live), which coincidently equaled the damage dice.

Sneak Attack was bootstrapped to the Rogue at each of the odd levels roughly. You'll have to bootstrap Inspiring help at the levels listed in the PDF.

Sneak Attack also had a tag (one of many) that goes:

Group ID: LvNameApp
Tag ID: DieCntVal
Name: "field[abValue].value" dY
Abbrev: "field[abValue].value" dY

The combination of the script that uses the xCount, bootstrapping multiple times and that tag is what causes the text in the UI to change.

The second script that you kept - I think that the listname is used in other sections of the UI or behind the scenes to help generate the PDF so doesn't affect what you're looking at.

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Old November 12th, 2019, 06:00 PM
Wow, that's so much more complex than I thought it was going to be. I appreciate the help. I'll see what I can do with it, thank you.

Edit: Alright so looking at it, I have all that you listed. I had essentially done a copy of Sneak Attack, and then changed up the descriptor and one of the scripts. I have it bootstrapped twice to the class at the required levels as well. I'm thinking it might be the script I changed, but I'm not sure why.

Render 10000 Index 2

field[listname].text = "Inspiring Help " & signed(field[xIndex].value) & "d6"

All I did was replace Sneak Attack with Inspiring Help.

Edit 2: And I'm an idiot. When I replaced Sneak Attack with Inspiring Help, as you can see in the script, I left a space between the name and the " Works now. Thank you for the help.

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