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Old January 20th, 2020, 07:17 PM
Originally Posted by Joe View Post
One short and easy answer is that we're a small company with limited resources, ...
Well understood.

Originally Posted by Joe View Post
Sometimes that means making hard calls, like releasing things before they have all the features we want, or before they have all the polish we'd like.
It's an unfortunate truth -- no software today is considered complete upon initial release. And sales of that initial release is what allows for continued development.

Hell, beta testers were paid back in the day. Today, it's a privilege to be handed something incomplete. No snark at all, just how it is.

Originally Posted by Joe View Post
Personally, I'm grateful to everyone who supports us, despite the bumpy road it sometimes is. Your willingness to stick with us through thick and thin is what keeps me and my pups fed, but more importantly, keeps me working on HLO to make it better.
We're the early adopters and want to be heard, sure.

Problem here is I spend hours reverse engineering or asking for screen shots of my players' screens as I recreate high level characters created in the same tool. I'm left wondering if someone else has created a different product that does allow for import. And I'm one of the early adopters of Hero Lab Classic saying this.

In this case, we're talking standards of the industry which is beyond mere design or business model. You wouldn't want to retype an entire document for future editing because someone's doc resided in the cloud and couldn't be exported or shared with you.

Nonetheless, I'm aware I may be in the minority and we're not the ones for whom software is designed. That feature request aside and a damn bug that reminds me I can't use a particular character until the LWD team looks at it, I do like the software. I just pray Campaign Theater keeps me with LWD.
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Old January 23rd, 2020, 09:10 AM
I wanted to pipe in here that i really like the initial release of the campaign theater and have already started a test campaign to see if it will work for my group (and if it does myself and my whole group will likely be buying individual licenses, unless the group license released before we start in june-ish) and the ability for me to include characters other create into the campaign is excellent, however... not being able to see the sheets of the added characters added is a problem. It makes what would be a really cool feature basically useless.

The ability to fully import characters into the CT is vital and needs to be top of the list. As a gm it does me no good to include characters from other log-ins if i cannot see their stats or apply conditions to them from the CT
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