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Old November 10th, 2019, 05:22 PM
Originally Posted by magpi View Post
Just because you all choose not to use the playtest doesn't mean that everyone makes the same choice. Pure and simple, Talsharien was highlighting how the current approach isn't meeting their or their groups' needs. Don't jump on them for that.
Thanks Magpi, that is exactly my point, and opinion. My games were forced online a number of years ago due to geography, life etc. Herolab is an essential tool for me to maintain my games.

When HL fails to support my gaming requirements, it makes things very difficult. Ultimately I am a customer (yes I pay for herolab it is not free!!!!!). I am not simply a member of a community supporting a bunch of people who are producing this product for their love of the game. As it stands, I am being short changed, as are the rest of you and if you didn't keep leaping onto the defensive, LW might actually realise that they have a problem.

I personally have 0 interest in SW and actually feel that putting time into another game, when LW are still behind schedule on things like campaign theatre is terrible customer service.

But coming back to my original point. Playtests were always supported in HLC. So this, it would appear would be another piece of functionality that has been removed.

Am I being aggressive, no. But as a paying customer I have a right to complain and actually get a response from LW and not just other customers....
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