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Old March 7th, 2020, 05:46 PM

I've been trying to use the editor to make some changes, especially to the animal companion.

Most games I play in uses the Pathfinder Society rule for how many tricks an animal companion has, where it is 3*int score.

The RAW rule implemented in hero lab says its a max of 6 (not counting bonus tricks)

The rule is there, if you make it a society character, so I know it can be done.

First off, how do I go about finding the rule used when it's a pathfinder Society character?

What if I wanted to find out how a certain number, here the numbers of tricks, is calculated, where can I see that? (I have tried the Floating info Windows without luck)

I was told, that another way to do this, was to use pick that tracks how many tricks are allowed (resAnTrick), and add to that's trkMax field.

I did succeed in making one where I could add extra vigor by using this eval script:
herofield[tHP].value += field[pAdjust].value
I got an error on that.
After watching the 4 videos on the editor, I tried changing it to:
hero.child(resAnTrick).field(resMax).value += field[pAdjust].value
but still got an error.

What am I doing wrong here?
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Old April 4th, 2020, 11:21 AM
Bumping this because I'd like to know the answer too.
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Old April 4th, 2020, 04:30 PM
CORE (Handle Animal Skill) states an Animal Companion has max tricks = 3 x INT. The max "6" tricks you are quoting is for an Animal with an INT of 2. (Core only mentions Animals with INT of 1 or 2) This appears to be exactly the same as PFS.
Edit: It appears that you could have an Animal with higher INT than 2, and in that case its still tricks = 3 x INT.

Sorry I can't comment on your code.

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