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Old October 4th, 2016, 11:43 AM
Keep seeing questions pop up in social media asking for recommendations on digital tools that Dms can use. Made a video to give new GMs an idea of what can be achieved with Realm Works and Hero Labs.

You can check it out below.

Daplunk's Realm Works and Hero Lab Videos - The Playlist

Realm Works and Hero Labs - GM Tour
Realm Works - A Player Tour
Realm Works and Hero Labs - Working with Monsters
Hero Lab - D&D 5e Player Tour
Realm Works - Timelines
Realm Works - Prepping a Module
Realm Works - Creating Worlds
Realm Works - Playing Sound at the Table
Realm Works - Managing Merchants and their Wares
Realm Works and Frostgrave - Does Realm Works Work With Tabletop Wargames?
Realm Works - Forgotten Realm (Faerun) Interactive Map
Realm Works - Working with Tags and Custom Categories
Realm Works - Where to Begin!?!
Realm Works - Working With Maps
Realm Works - How to Setup Campaign Journals
Realm Works and Hero Lab - How to Manage Encounters and Combat
Realm Work and Hero Lab - Managing a Massive Combat Encounter
Realm Works - GM Discussion About Player View
Realm Works - Using It As A Digital Spell Book or Digital Player Hand Book
Hero Lab - How To Install And Configure The D&D 5e Community Pack
Realm Works and Syrinscape
Realm Works - Game Sessions and Using Reveal History
Realm Works - How to Export a Realm (Full or Partial Export)
Realm Works - Importing a Shared Realm
Realm Works - How to Copy a Realm
Realm Works - Integration With Spotify
Realm Works - Using Storyboards
Realm Works - Creating Random Tables
Realm Works - Using Inspiration Pad Pro To Generate Random Table Results
Realm Works - Linking To Donjon From Realm Works To Display Random Table Results
Realm Works - EightBitz's XML Transformation Script (now with GUI and Word support) - Print or Spell Check your realm!
Realm Works - How To Get Pictures From PDF Into Realm Works While Maintaining Transparency
Realm Works - Bulk Moving Articles To Different Categories
Realm Works - Data Entry (Tables)
Hero Lab Editor - Create Spells
Realm Works - Linked Web View
Realm Works - Scan for New Links
Realm Works - World Almanac, Story Almanac and Mechanics Reference

Video's From Other Users - We love videos of Realm Works... Show us your Realm!
Lee Smith - Home Brew world of Lerchanth
LeeSmith - How To Enter Modules
Exmortis - Intro I
Exmotis, the missing quote:
"Nothing entered into Realm Works has no use, or is wrong. Everything can be moved, copied, re-categorized, and thus re-used. Can't stress enough, how you can just start working, and learn, then go back and update early work with what you learned along the way. U1 looked substantially different V1, then it does now, probably in a V5 state. Just dive in and go for it!"
KEN's Realm Works PLAYLIST
kbs666 - Using Realm Works and Hero Lab to Build Encounters
kbs666 - Adventure organization in Realm Works
kbs666 - Tags and Custom Categories in Realm Works
kbs666 - Getting Started with Realm Works
kbs666 - Relationship System and Viewer
kbs666 - Pathfinder Knowledge Checks and Monsters
kbs666 - Managing Names
kbs666 - Smart Images
kbs666 - Custom Views
kbs666 - Smart Images in Encounters/Tactical Maps

Other Links
Realm Works IRC Chat - Use Channel: #realm-works
Realm Works Facebook Fan Group

Videos Not Specifically About Realm Works - But They Can Be Used To Supplement The Realm Works Experience
What Software Can You Use To Create RPG Maps?
CC3+ / DD3 - How To Create A Basic Dungeon Map
MapTool - Virtual Table Top Software For The Physical Table
Perspectives 3 - How To Create Isometric Dungeon Maps
Dungeon Designer 3 - How To Add A Floors Mask (Use of TRACE)
Magic Set Editor - Creating Player Handouts (Cards)
TokenTool - Creating Tokens For Your Game
CC3+ / CA3 - Creating Pictures Of Player and Non-Player Characters

Realm Works - Community Links
Realm Work and Hero Lab Videos
Ream Works Facebook User Group
Realm Works - Community Content List
CC3+ Facebook User Group

D&D 5e Community Pack - Contributor
General Hero Lab Support & Community Resources
D&D 5e Community Pack - Install Instructions / D&D 5e Community Pack - Log Fault / D&D 5e Community Pack - Editor Knowledge Base

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