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Old February 6th, 2020, 08:16 AM
Edit: I'm a d*mnned idiot. I solved it by making "Bonus" a 3 and leaving "Armor Bonus" alone. Still learning.

one of my PCs received mithral scale mail armor +3. I need to make a custom item in order to give it a +3.

So I copy mithral armor (maMithral),
select 3 for "Armor Bonus"
check the box for Needs Attunement (fairly legendary in our campaign)
give it a unique id (iSCMMith) (based on my initials)

Saved, Hit "Test", compiled fine.

Tried adding it to my copy of his sheet.
It still allows my to pick the armor type, so I pick Scale mail, but it only applies the +3 not the +7 I was expecting (+4 for scale +3 for the bonus)


Ideally, I'd like to just make a +3 version of mithral, and still allow the selection of armor type so that if the next guy gets +3 mithral Half plate, he can select half plate making it an expected +8 but it seems the attributes don't add correctly.

I am able to get to work if I place a 4 in "Bonus" and a 3 in Armor Bonus, but that means it only works to be scale mail, regardless of what they pick in the drop down. Weirdly, it is a +3 but if they click attuned it gets the +7.

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