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Old January 17th, 2019, 09:47 PM
Hi all,

I have an SRO character I'm making, and they get the Integrated Equipment racial ability. It says:

An SRO has an additional built-in cybernetic component with an item level no greater than half the SRO’s character level (minimum item level 1). Each time the SRO gains a level, they can swap out this piece of equipment at no additional cost to represent internal reconfigurations. These pieces of equipment don’t count against the systems in which an SRO can install cybernetics.
I think that at level one, I'd only have an option of picking a free hideaway limb or vocal modulator, but I wasn't sure. I don't see any way to choose which augmentation is used by this racial ability. The 'configure' dropdown is only for which slot it goes into, but not which piece goes in there. Am I supposed to just pick something and buy it for free? It feels odd to do it that way, since there's no checks and balances in HLO for what gets added.

Has anyone else made an SRO and figured out the proper way to do it?

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Old January 18th, 2019, 09:23 AM
Yes indeed, SROs should buy the item for free for now. We are building a better system that can highlight/control exactly what is available.
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