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Old March 20th, 2020, 04:23 PM
I've been working on creating some new races using the troop subtype since my previous experiments with creating a troop template were unsuccessful. So far, it's been pretty simple, just copying the race I want to use, adding the 'Troop' subtype, and making a few minor adjustments to bring things in line with the information in Bestiary 6.

However, on the 'Background' tab in HL, when you select one of the 'Alternate Troop Abilities', HL is NOT calculating AC correctly. For example, if you add the 'Elite Melee Troop' alternate ability, the troop's AC should gain an additional +4 armor bonus to AC. The system appears to be changing the armor bonus appropriate, but it doesn't actually add the bonus to the creature's AC.

Example: Create a basic Goblin Troop. This creature will have AC17. Hovering over the AC will give you the following Armor Class Breakdown: 17 = 10+2 (armor), +3 (Dex), +1 (dodge), +1 (size). No problem. Now, if you add the 'Alternate Troop Ability', 'Elite Melee Troop', the AC should increase to 21. However, when you hover over the AC, you get the following Armor Class Breakdown: 17 = 10+6 (armor), +3 (Dex), +1 (dodge), +1 (size).

At first, I thought this was just an issue due to something in the troops I've been creating. That's when I tried it with the built in troops, and found the same issue. Does anyone have any ideas what might be going on, or is this something the devs will need to address? Should I file a bug report? Or am I just out of luck since the focus is on PFRPG 2e, now? My current "fix" is to have an adjustment on the 'Personal' tab that I can activate for +4 armor bonus when I select one of the alternate abilities, but that's not really a fix.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that adding the 'Skirmishers' ability is supposed to reduce the troop's AC by 2, but that isn't being done either. In this case, it isn't even being shown in the 'Armor Class Breakdown' calculation.

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