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Old December 3rd, 2017, 08:29 PM
So I am trying to create a new gear type listing for equipment. It is Documents.

I do create it in the Gear Type. Pretty much no options so I cannot see how I can screw that up =). I am able to assign new gear to it (that is showing up fine).

However then we I reload the data files, and click on Add New Gear under the Gear tab, anything under the New Gear type shows up under Alchemical Items. If I reassign the gear to one of the standard gear types such as Poison it will show up under those types accurately.

Not sure what is going on. Thanks for any help.
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Old December 4th, 2017, 06:15 AM
There's a bit of a headache with the way gear types (and some other things like deity categories) are handled.

Heres what you probably need to do.

1. Create the gear type in the "Gear Type" tab, name it "Documents" - you did this already.

2. Create a piece of gear in the "Gear" tab, name it "Documents" as well. You will need to go to the far right of the editor under the buttons and mark the "Show Only?" checkbox. This will become the header you see for any gear you assign the new gear type from step 1. Assign it a Custom Gear Type Order number tag.

3. When you create new "Document" gear, you will choose the gear type "Documents" and the Custom Gear Type Order number you assigned to your header.

The use of the Custom Gear Type Order tag forces your header and gear with the same number to appear together. Whoever created the Alchemical items did not set a sort order on their gear, so it acts like a "default" catchall group for new gear.
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