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Originally Posted by Illyahr View Post
Wait, you came to the 3.5 thread to complain about Pathfinder stuff that you ported in to 3.5? Point Blank Shot is situational. Even Power Attack, which Deadly Aim is based off of, doesn't show the damage since you decide the damage each time you use it. The rest of it isn't from 3.5 so what did you expect?

Don't blame Hero Lab for things you are doing yourself. The devs do their best whenever something new comes up.
The statblock on the sheet doesn't show ranged damage for thrown weapons. Both Pathfinder and 3.5 have feats, classes, and magic items that can apply extra damage to a thrown weapon that doesn't apply in melee (e.g. point blank shot), so the issue is relevant to both game systems.
ShadowChemosh posted a workaround that works for either game system in this thread, and I asked a clarifying question about the workaround in this thread, so I could implement it. If this issue had first come up in the Pathfinder or 4e subforums, I would have asked the question there.
You then chimed in that the damage is the same, and I showed you why it is not. I never said I ported anything to 3.5.
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