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Old August 21st, 2014, 06:40 PM

With the editor, I created (copied from drow noble) a new race.

Within that race, I removed all Racial Special Abilities and added new ones. I also added new Spell-Like Abilities.

Question 1 - Why some spells like Arcane Mark is available in both section while other spells like Arcane Sight is only available in Spell-Like section?

So, everything seems fine, I can add what I want in Racial Special Abilities and Spell-Like Abilities section. I can see everything in background section and in spells section of my hero.

My Problem : Why all these spells/abilities added above are not showing when I select and print Spell - Full Description or Spells in Spellbook - Full Description. Only spells availabe are the one from my investigator formula book.

Is this a bug?

Thank you
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