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Old March 12th, 2019, 11:14 PM
I see you guys listed as a Roadmap item: Offline View (Read-only. You will not be able to make changes, modifications, or adjustments to your character in this mode.)

Caveat: I obviously don't know your tech stack, but work in cloud architecture/technology.

Are you planning on adding offline synchronization (for editing) at any point in the near future (read year)? There are obviously a bunch of ways to do this, each with little (well: little, medium, horrific depending on the method) caveats of their own and it seems like you already have the logic (connection on/off) to handle the switch to a different repository interface and a sync. when online.

I agree with the company sentiment about the use of web applications, so I really am not concerned with that - just concerned with continuing play on an [power/network/cable.co/what-have-ya] outage. When the coordination tools (GM/Player/Campaign) stuff gets in I think it will become more relevant.

Sorry if I'm overstepping on the question. Feel free to ignore it.

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Old March 20th, 2019, 02:28 AM
I'm not entirely sure I understand what question you're seeking an answer to. Are you asking if we're planning to support offline editing within the next year? Assuming that's the question, it's not something we'll be looking closely at until after we first get offline viewing into place.

Beyond that, it's unclear whether offline editing is something we'll have in place within the next year. Sorry I can't be more definitive, but we're trying to not get ahead of ourselves and tackle things in an incremental manner.
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