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Old February 28th, 2020, 09:59 AM
Client changes and improvements
  • When a character is in demo mode due to an account being expired, the "Upgrade now to unlock full access" message has been replaced by a message to renew the account's subscription
  • When choosing a character type, the character types are now listed in a different, more sensible sort order

Client bug fixes
  • Fixes a bug introduced in the last release where the word "Demo" would be missing from the app header when the current game system is in demo mode. Additionally, this indicator now appears in the header for expired non-apprentice accounts.
  • Fixes messages about demo limits appearing for scripts in campaigns where demo limits didn't apply
  • Fixes demo-only character types showing as enabled for expired accounts when in fact attempting to create characters of these types would cause an error. These types are now properly disabled.
  • Fixes demo limits not appearing or disappearing properly in characters that apprentice accounts have open until the page is refreshed, when the character's ownership or control was transferred between GM and Player
  • SF - Gear that should not be equippable, like augmentations, was showing an equip checkbox on the Play tab.
  • PF2 - The controls to heighten a spell or prepare multiple copies are now available on the spell's details page, in addition to the tab where the spell was added.
  • SF - The control to change the level of a variable-level spell is now available on the tab where the spell was added, in addition to the spell's details page.
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