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Old January 30th, 2020, 08:58 AM
EDIT TL;DR: Realized Signal of Screams is not Attack of the Swarm.. ETA on Attack of the Swarm?

So the Shaper Mystic Connection is from the Starfinder #23 Hive of Minds book.

I went and bought the Signal of Streams - Character Content for Hero Lab Online. In the description it says there is "New character options, including one theme, mystic connection, and soldier fighting style"

When I go to make a character, after making sure the HLO is fully refreshed, and the check to make sure the Signal of Screams checkbox is checked within settings. I still don't see the connection available in the Mystic Connection option in Hero Lab Online.

Is this just delayed content from the Signal of Screams pack that is not done yet, something I am doing wrong, or a bug?

My players are making new characters for our new game, and my wife wants that connection. She really wants to use HLO to make the character so she knows she is doing everything right.

Any insight as to why this is not here. Thank you in advance!

EDIT: I just realized that Signal of Screams is not the same as Attack of the Swarm... Dang.. I doubt Attack of the Swarm pack will be out in the next day or so... Guess my issue is not really an issue yet.. Just wish the option was there for my wife.

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