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Old January 13th, 2011, 11:55 AM
I'm in a game where we are running 2nd ed right now and plan on switching to 3rd ed in a few months. I've purchased the 3rd ed module and there's some new good stuff in there that would be nice to see in the 2nd edition module as well as a couple things in general.

I have a character with a battle suit similar to iron man or batman beyond but the only way I can make it look alright on a character sheet is to use the mecha rules otherwise it gets mixed in or I can't have it do everything I want in one place.

So here's the problems
If I buy minions (support units) for my mecha then the editor does not create a minion character sheet but if I buy minions on my main character it does generate a sheet.

the multiple effects option that shows up in the third ed module for a device as equipment that allows you join a bunch of feats and equipment together and using this in part my friend was able to create a version of my armor on the main character costing the same and well organized without everything being jumbled up in just a few lines like for a vehicle or a mecha.

The main character sheet will not update the stats that my mech/armor affect (toughness and ac) so I have to manually add them up and write them on the character sheet after I print it.

I really want to be able to save groups of equipment and powers, I'm looking at running a mutants and masterminds 2nd ed stargate game using their equipment bundle idea but that would mean every character I need to go through these hoops of putting the equipment/powers in each time, I would love the ability to save equipment suites and then copy them to other characters.

I realize I can make a base character sheet with just the equipment and duplicate it but this is not what I want/

Saving made vehicles or mecha in the same way, yes I know there is the authoring kit but I would just like a way to write up a vehicle and then save it and give it to different characters without having to leap through a bunch of heaps, for example I do up a motorcycle that each character has then with just minor tweaks for each one.

Also alternate vehicle power, (I have two cars but only use one at a time so full price for one and one point for the other)
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