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Old October 31st, 2019, 04:57 PM
Errata for the CRB is available at this blog. Link to errata is https://paizo-images.s3-us-west-2.am...Errata+1.0.pdf

Page 73: In the Chirurgeon section, change “lesser elixir
of life” to “minor elixir of life.” The lesser elixir of life is a
3rd-level item that a 1st-level character can’t create.
Page 73: In the Mutagenist section, remove the second
paragraph, which provides an obsolete benefit. Replace it
with the following free action.
Frequency once per day
You experience a brief resurgence of a mutagen. Choose one
mutagen you’ve consumed since your last daily preparations.
You gain the effects of that mutagen for 1 minute.
Pages 79, and 81: Several feats reference benefits for
alchemical items “you created,” which isn’t relevant
in the wider rule set. Remove “you created” from
Feral Mutagen, Elastic Mutagen, Invincible Mutagen,
Expanded Splash, Genius Mutagen, Persistent Mutagen,
and Mindblank Mutagen.

Pages 204 and 206: Wizards gain their first class feat at 2nd
level. On page 204, in Table 3-18: Wizard Advancement,
remove “wizard feat” from the 1st-level entry. On page
206, in the Wizard Feats section, change the first sentence
to “At 2nd level and every even-numbered level thereafter,
you gain a wizard class feat.”

Changes to Make Bulk Less Restrictive
The following changes make Bulk limits less restrictive
for your character.
Page 287: Add the following entry for an alchemist’s lab:
Alchemist’s Lab: You need an alchemist’s lab to Craft alchemical
items during downtime. An expanded alchemist’s lab gives
a +1 item bonus to Crafting checks to create alchemical items.
Page 287: Amend the Alchemist’s Tools entry to the
Alchemist’s Tools: This mobile collection of vials and chemicals
can be used for simple alchemical tasks.
Page 287: In the Backpack description, add this
sentence: “The first 2 Bulk of items in your backpack
don’t count against your Bulk limits.”
Page 288: Make the following changes on Table 6–9:
Adventuring Gear.
• Change the Bulk of the adventurer’s pack from
2 to 1.
• Change the Bulk of formula book (blank) and
spellbook (blank) from 1 to L
• Add “Alchemist’s Lab” (Price 5 gp, Bulk 6,
Hands 2)
• Change “Expanded Alchemist’s Tools (level 3)”
to “Expanded Alchemist’s Lab” as a sub-entry to the
new alchemist’s lab, and change the Bulk from 1 to 6
• Change the alchemist’s tools Price from 5 gp to
3 gp, and the Bulk from 2 to 1
Page 292: The waterskin is always light Bulk, whether
full or empty.
Page 289: The Bulk, Price, and Money Left Over entries
for some class kits change based on the adjustments above.

Bug Report Submitted
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Old November 4th, 2019, 06:36 AM
Yea hoping this can get pulled in quickly I know there is a lot going on but here is hoping
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