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Old January 8th, 2007, 08:04 AM
I am putting this here instead of the AB forum since this is game specific. I guess a mode should probably move the thread that is going over int eh main AB forum related to the first goal to achieve over here.

Ok, in the first goal to achieve, the problem I had was that of a unit type changing based on the units leader instead of the roster it was in.

My second goal to achieve relates to limiting items that units can purchase based on the purchasing model's stats.

For this specific exampel we go to the Necropolis faction datafile. The item in question is called a bindsoul. It is a small single use device that when activated can boost the magic casting power of the next spell cast. Only evil mages can purchase bindsouls. And they can only purchase as many bindsouls as whatever their datacard casting power stat is.

That is, one mage named Moandain has a natural casting power of 8, therefore he can purchase up to 8 bindsouls (10 if he also purchases a greater magic upgrade that boosts his CP by 2)

Now, as an item, I have been able to create the item. I have been able to limit the item to evil mages in the Necropolis faction. I have been able to make them non unique items. Since the highest casting power listed in the faction is an 8, I have been able to limit the bindsouls to 10 overall in the item restrictions in the top right corner.

But, what I have not been able to do is make the specific limit related to each mage and their personal limit on the number of bindsouls that they can purchase. Not all casters have 8-10 casting power, but currently they can all purchase up to 10 bindsouls cause that is the closest I can get to pulling this off currently.

There are other examples where a model's statitstics affect their ability to purchaes something. But, I figure if I can get this one solved then I can easily solve the others with the same arguments.

So, not sure which of the following logics is better:

logic one is from the mage's point of view (but not sure where it would be put)... "If I am a mage and in the necropolis roster, then if the number of bindsouls I have is not more than my casting power stat, then I am still valid"

logic two is still from the item's point of view (again not sure where to put it, maybe over ride?)... "I am only visible to mages in the necropolis faction. Change my limit to equal to the mage's castign power".
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