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It was time….

Beta must end someday; the problems the file has left (at least reported) are minor things that won’t stop you from making a good list, and the state of the file is such that it is *way* past where the current “official” version of the Starship Troopers file…so say hello to the new “official” file!

You can still download this version from the Yahoo group, and that will always be the case (I need to have a second download location for people that have trouble with the primary), but you can now just download the file from within Army Builder itself!

Version 6.1 adds Captains, underslung trench sweeper lasers that swap out correctly, drop capsules on squads instead of individuals and all errors I knew about fixed.

The race creation notes will tell you about anything I still have to polish off; those things hit programming trouble that will take me a bit of time to fix. None of them will stop you from creating a valid list; you just have to be aware of the rules dealing with them until I can get the code exactly right. For instance: you won’t get a message telling you it’s wrong to take a captain unless you have at least two platoons.

The Roughnecks are up next, but I am expecting the wider audience to find bugs the play testing pool didn’t, so I’ve got time budgeted to fix those. They should still happen within a couple of weeks max.

A huge thank you to all of you who sent me bug reports! I just can’t thank you enough; the option possibilities in SST are simply staggering; without bug reports this never would have made it to a release version.

You can report bugs you find in it several ways:

Email the address you find in the file.
This web forum:

And for the short term, the thread on the Mongoose boards:

Army Builder SST Playtest Thread

Let me know if you find anything, and enjoy!
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