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Yeah baby!


LAMI and Pathfinders are now in the latest version.

Roughnecks are up next…after that I’ll be “polishing” the file; things like the MI heroic traits moving the stats about, changing some names to make the roster shorter, things like that. After a bit of time to make sure the bugs are under control, I’ll start to make this the “official” SST file.

A big thanks to everyone who sent me a bug report; anything reported should be fixed in this version. Please remember that fixing some things can cause other things to break that I may have missed, so please keep any bugs you find coming! (Getting the Heroic Trait SICON Training working took about 4 hours, where the PL system had to get partially re-written…*everything* uses PL, I couldn’t find anything broken after that, but…..)

If this is the first time you have used my file, please read the read.me in that directory so you can reset the views (Have a left justified hits column? You are OK), and update your Army Builder to the latest version.

Please remember this is Beta still, so if you find errors, please let me know so I can make them go away, and we can get to release .

There are a few known issues still; anything an entire squad has to take causes a real pain. I’ve got one method working for drop capsules, but I’m working with Lone Wolf to try and get a better method for sprite skimmers and underslung trench sweeper lasers before I finalize them. The race creation notes should list anything I know is still having trouble.

Captains are still not in, I know this may give the LAMI folks fits, but I am working on them.

The LAMI list that gets output is kind of long (about three pages for a standard Platoon); I’ll try to shorten it some in later versions, but there are just plain a lot of troops in a LAMI platoon! (I know I’m buying two boxes instead of one after writing them….)

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