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OK, you asked for it, you got it!


This file has the MI book, the Arachnid book, and thanks to Ed (retaf33c) the Skinnies too!

Make sure you read the read.me file, as it will tell you how to reset all three views. If you have been using the old librarian file (the “official” file) or one of the previous betas, you will miss out on a lot of new stuff if you don’t reset the views.

This is still beta. That means that there are probably still issues with it. The known issues are in the race release notes, and please let us know about anything not listed that you may find. There are a few skinny issues that aren’t listed, but they are getting worked down. I released it prior to having every single known issue fixed as the number of possible combinations in SST are staggering; we could play test it until the end of time and probably still miss a few combinations, so I’m getting more eyes on it now that its playable. Beta also means that before we try to make it the “official” AB file if may undergo major design changes. That means rosters you make with this may not work when we release it permanently. So, if you have a real favorite, print it out.

If you can’t stand this file at all, you can re-download the librarian one, and reset your views again, and you’ll be back to the old one.

I’ve got 3 more books to get into it, but they are all MI related so it should go faster than these cores. (Klendathu, then Roughnecks, then Pathfinders. If I have a good week, they will all be in playtesting Sunday.)

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