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Old April 12th, 2024, 10:23 PM
Hello everyone,
I am attempting to remember how to work on HLC and make the 1987 Top Secret SI RPG.
I am stuck on how to make the secondary attributes work!
Let me know how I will calculate the attributes correctly. I have the attributes [5 main] but cannot load them because I cannot get the two secondary to work correctly.

Here are the rules [as written]

Attributes are determined by a "d60 + 10" roll: Make a d60 roll - roll ld6, followed by ld10, reading the d6 as the tens digit and the dl0 as the ones digit - yielding a result between 10 and 69. Then, add 10 to the number rolled. The end result of a d60 + 10 roll is a number between 20 and 79. The higher the number, the better you are in a particular attribute.
Roll separately for each attribute, writing the results of your d60 + 10 rolls in your character dossier. Now, add all five numbers together. If the total of your five d60 + 10 rolls is less than 275, subtract the total from 275. Then, distribute the difference among your five attributes as you see fit. The only restriction is that no attribute can be raised higher than 70. (Even 70 is nearly superhuman!) For example, say your d60 + 10 rolls resulted in a 53 (STR), a 27 (INT), a 65 CREF), a 39 (WIL), and a 38 (CON), for a total of 222. This is less than 275 so you subtract 222 from 275, to determine how many
extra points you can use to increase your character's attributes. In this case, 275 - 222 = 53 - you have 53 points to divide among your attributes.

Now the secondary
Your Movement (MOV) score is the average of your REF and STR ratings, rounding fractions up. Your Dexterity (DEX) score is the average of your REF and INT ratings, also rounded up.
All rules that apply to primary attributes apply to secondary attributes as well.
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