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Old December 30th, 2013, 01:36 PM
There have been a gigantic amount of posts stating that people are frustrated by the delays, and I can safely say that I'm frustrated too. LW then comes on and tries to explain the delays, which some people get more frustrated with. Again, even as Rob has stated, understandable.

But let's not forget their end of things. Walk the proverbial mile in their shoes. They have a much anticipated piece of software that's close to release. They've shown demos which large amounts of people have responded positively too. They look at their feedback, and the bugs presented from that feedback, and finally, after all their hard work and all the people asking "When, when, when???" have a possible date, or a date that they think is viable, and they're just as excited to get the software out as everyone waiting for the software. For them, they really want to get that software in our hands.

Liken it, if you will, since we're all GM's waiting to organize our games, to the feeling you get after putting in all the hard work to create the world, adventure, plotline, and npcs. You know you're ALMOST there, so you tell them "next week." You really want your story to be told, and you're excited that you'll get it out in front of your players , and then realize that you have holes that need to be filled.

That's the position they're in. They are excited to see the things we create from their work, to play in the environment they've created, so sure, they've made some projections that may have been based on that excitement. They've been wrong, sure, but they're still excited, probably even more so after squashing the latest round of bugs. It's their excitement that leads to our frustration. But it could be worse. If they weren't excited about the product themselves, the delays would be worse, and the progress would be minimal. Then, rather than frustration, you would only have complete disappointment, which would be much, much worse.

So, our frustration is understandable, even warranted, just keep in mind that LW's frustration is probably just as great, if not greater than what we're feeling. We know it's "close". They know *exactly* how close it is.
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