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Old March 25th, 2016, 08:00 PM
I've created a monster (Magical Beast) with the editor that has a constant "Detect Evil" ability. I've added the "spDeteEvi1" ability to my creature as a 'Spell-like ability' with the usage period as 'Constant'.
This has worked fine, except that on the 'Spells' tab on the Hero, I have both "Detect Evil (Constant)" just like I want, and then under it, I also have "Detect Evil (1/day) (Sp)" The "?" pop-up on this states that it is "granted by half-celestial heritage". I've looked at Hound Archons and Planetar's in both editor and loaded into my portfolio - they only have the Detect Evil (Constant) showing and the editor tags/values/etc are set-up the same way as my creature.

EDIT: Solved! I took a break and came back to it later - Somehow I had a second Detect Evil (the 1/2 Celestial one) bootstrapped onto the race. All fine now!

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