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Old July 14th, 2019, 10:23 AM
Getting back on hand, I do notice some weird things with HLO.

On my Fighter (wizard) he constantly has two spellbooks listed in gear but if I remove one, both are gone?

I don't see on the printout for spell casters what their spell attack bonus is?

When I go to a caster and select the die icon next to a spell, Lightning Bolt, for example, it rolls an attack for me?? Why would it do that? I would expect it to list the saves, as it does, but put numbers on them for fast reference. So, show what the enemy needs to get for CS, S, F, CF. Further, why doesn't it let me roll for damage?

Given that the system is based on feats, I don't like the printout just having one Feats section. That needs to be broken up into the types, imo. I think the whole sheet needs to be revamped. My race/background info should be in one spot, not all over the place. Same for class abilities, skill feats, and the like. It probably won't be pretty but it will be functional.

On the printout, what is the box next to the skills for? Same for Perception, Saves, and AC? If they are temporary bonus/penalties, that needs a label.

I know this is all changing, as it still has resonance and I know they got rid of that.

I'm also not sure how it is figuring out bonuses but my Wizard (fighter) has a +1 scimitar and attack is listed as +13/8/3. But they are trained, have a +3 str modifier and it's +1. So, shouldn't that be +14/9/4? Then, the +3 staff is listed as +14/9/4 but shouldn't that be +16/11/6?

Maybe these don't matter as I'm sure everything is being redone and I'm late to this.

Thanks for the replies!
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