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Originally Posted by lyntux View Post
The +1/2 effective character level Favored Bonus that Aasimar Oracles can select does not appear to be properly applying to the Channel ability. At 2nd level, if the character has selected the "+1/2 to 1 Revelation (Oracle" Favored Bonus at both levels and has selected the "Oracle Channel Positive Energy" customization to that favored bonus should have a 2d6 channel as if a 3rd level Cleric. Also, at the 3rd level of Oracle, if you've selected "+1/2 to 1 Revelation (Oracle" for at least two levels then you should have a save DC equivalent to a 4th level Cleric, instead of that of a 3rd level Cleric.

I've played around with this and it definitely appears to be broken. After looking around for a while I can't find anyone talking or complaining about this which tells me either I'm missing something, or no one has tried playing an Aasimar Oracle with this particular combination of Mystery, Revelation, and Favored Bonus Customization.
First time I've heard of it, which is why we appreciate your report. I've updated the Oracle Channeling to pass along any extra levels it gets from favored classes or anything else, so this should be fixed next release.
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