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Old March 15th, 2020, 03:11 PM
So just wondering. I know it's been said it's coming to use with your secondary license (even though it seems to be listed in the FAQ as already available). Is this new sub plan with the campaign sharing supposed to be this or is it still coming?
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Old March 15th, 2020, 04:06 PM
I'm not sure what you're referring to. The HLO model is vastly different from the HLC model. Within HLC, each device requires a separate code to unlock it, so we give users a free second code to unlock a second device. Within HLO, you can switch between as many devices as you want at any time. You can only be logged into one of them at a time, much like the way Steam works, but you can switch between them freely. That was the whole intent of secondary license codes within HLC, and it's what's outlined in the License Agreement, but there are definitely users who have abused that model.

We've got stuff in the works that will enable limited account sharing. We also have all of the content sharing already in place through the Patron level service for Campaign Theater.

Hopefully, that gives you the information you need. If not, please clarify the question and we'll strive to get you the answer.
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Old March 15th, 2020, 07:17 PM
I am referring to in the FAQ:

Originally Posted by Hero Lab Online FAQ
How will my Hero Lab Classic secondary licenses transfer to Hero Lab Online?

In Hero Lab Classic, secondary licenses allow users to access their content on multiple devices. Hero Lab Online employs a similar concept, allowing access to your account from multiple devices. Migration from Classic to Online will convert your secondary licenses to simultaneous devices in the new environment.
This would imply my wife and I would could always work and play at the same time in Classic. We now cannot in HLO. The answer I received from support seemed to imply something was coming soon that would allow this. And now it seems it is this Patron service.

I'm trying to figure out if I now have to pay for a secondary account for my wife even though I should be able to be logged into multiple devices at once.
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Old March 15th, 2020, 07:34 PM
You might have missed this, but this was a projection, from over a year ago, of how license transfers from HLC to HLO might work, when they happen. At present, there is no transfer of licenses from HLC to HLO, at all. Until such time as that happens, this is a moot point.

If you want to share current (non-HLC) content, you need to have a patron-level account, and those you're sharing it with must have apprentice-level accounts. In addition, this only shares content with those characters that are active in a campaign that a patron-level account shares, and not with all characters created by the individual who owns the apprentice-level account(s).
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Old March 15th, 2020, 08:19 PM
Thank you for that post, @bruuuuuu. That is exactly correct.

The one amendment would be the stuff we have in the works for limited account sharing, which is targeted for domestic partners or a parent/child dynamic. It sounds like that could be something more appealing to @AndrewD2. We'll be sharing more on that as it becomes available, but we're striving to have it in place within a matter of weeks.
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Old March 16th, 2020, 06:57 AM
I would love this, because much like @AndrewD2 my wife and I used to share Classic all the time. With Online, it's become harder.
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