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Old October 2nd, 2017, 02:53 PM
Our September release brings the long awaited completion of the Ironfang Invasion adventure path; dare your heroes penetrate "the Vault of the Onyx Citadel" and defeat its dread hobgoblin master? The Ruins of Azlant path continues as the expedition delves deeper into the Aboleth's plot, piercing into "the Shattered Continent". Looking for something shorter and more trap filled? Challenge "the Gauntlet", a new pathfinder module now available for free!

Ever thought worshipping the powers of darkness was a good idea? Who hasn't? Crack open the new "Book of the Damned" and learn just how good it is to be bad, now available as a standalone package in hero lab! Then again, if you like just a bit of edge in your heroes, maybe the "Antihero's Handbook" is more your speed, which is added to our existing Player Companion 29!

Player Companion #29 (with Elemental Master's Handbook, and Antihero's Handbook!)
Book of the Damned
Ironfang Invasion Encounter Library
Ruins of Azlant Encounter Library

New Releases
  • Antihero's Handbook is now available as the second book in our Player's Companion #29 package!
  • The Book of the Damned is now available as a new package!
  • Into the Shattered Continent, Chapter 2 of the Ruins of Azlant Encounter Library package is now available for purchase!
  • Chapter 6 of the Ironfang Invasion AP is now available, completing that Encounter Library! Sorry for the delay!
  • The Gauntlet module is now available for free! C'mon down to crazy Al's discount Deathtraps, Sunday sunDAY SUNDAY!

Enhancements & Changes
  • Hovering over the damage for weapons now displays a breakdown of how the current bonus was calculated.
  • Long description text (for example, for races like the Abysogh) now includes its full details and no longer ends abruptly.
  • Added the Souls gear category for things (mainly souls) related to the Soul Trade.
  • Lycanthropes now check for if a lycanthrope is afflicted or natural when determining what kind of DR they get.
  • Racial version of sneak attack has been updated to show damage like the class versions.
  • Alternate prereqs for the evangelist, exalted, and sentinel classes has been implemented for fiendish deities/powers as stated on pg 9 of Book of the Damned.
  • The Expanded Preparation feat now has a note to explain where to select the level if gaining 2 slots.

Bug fixes
  • The Improved Natural Armor feat was incorrectly being forbidden on the animal companion of a PFS character.
  • Arcanists could not qualify for the Magaambyan arcanist prestige class.
  • The Greed subomain's power, More for Me, was not a valid selection for the half-orc cleric favored class bonus.
  • The Aldori Defender's Steel Net ability was being disabled if you wielded an Aldori dueling sword two-handed.
  • Various Monk archetypes which replaced Flurry of Blows were not replacing the "Extra Flurry Attack" sub ability of the ki pool.
  • The Increase Damage Reduction rage power was still showing as valid, even when the barbarian had replaced their damage reduction class ability (as discussed in the FAQ).
  • The Flight Speed Enhancement evolution was not improving flight speeds for the eidolon.
  • The Soul Lash ability of the Forsaken Lich template was not calculating its DC correctly.
  • The Ghost Whisperer feat was showing incorrectly formatted description text.
  • The Spiked Gauntlet was setting itself as proficient for all characters, as though it were an unarmed strike.
  • The Well-Prepared feat was missing a usage tracker.
  • The Dead man's headband was not increasing the DC of spells with the fear descriptor.
  • The Good Hope spell adjustment was adding an untyped bonus to damage, rather than a morale bonus.
  • The Mounted Mastery ability of the Order of the Wolf was missing an activation, and its situational for AC was not showing the correct number.
  • The Slithering Rift variant race was missing.
  • Double Weapons were showing the wrong attack bonus for the off hand side on the two weapon fighting line when printed out.
  • A character who reached 29 or more mythic trials entered on the journal (and therefore qualifies for Tier 10) was incorrectly being shown as Tier 1.
  • The owl from Bestiary 1 was missing from the stock portfolios.
  • The Kyton and Medusa from Bestiary 1 were missing portraits in the Encounter Builder.
  • The Faith Singer archetype wasn't replacing Versatile Performance.
  • The Racial Paragon vigilante talent had an incorrect summary.
  • The Obscurity vigilante talent was conflicting with itself.
  • The Gory item power was not limiting itself to melee weapons (which is a limitation of wounding, the power it functions as).
  • Cloned spells, spells that are copies of exisiting spells usually enhanced with metamagic effects, where not displaying any added text from the sNameMod field in the statblock.
  • Creatures, such as the shadow demon, were not increasing speeds correctly when using sprint.
  • The Sure-Footed feat was not displaying its Reflex save situational correctly.
  • The Monster Insight class ability was not interacting correctly with the Improved Monster Lore feat.
  • The Logical Spell and Intuitive Spell feats were reporting an error that the spell needed a particular component even when the spells had them.
  • The Favored Prestige Class feat was not working.
  • Abilities added to configurables which used both arrays and selectors were having them overlap, so that each's selections were obscured.
  • The Pearl of power (4th level) had incorrect info on its creation text.
  • In the iPad app's condition table, when something else activated a condition, there was no change to the displayed text to reflect that.
  • Dwarven War shields, when equipped in both hands as weapons, were showing an error when one was equipped as a shield, even when the character had Two-Weapon Fighting as a feat.
  • The Silksworn Occultist archetype's divination implement wasn't able to select garments associated with its slot.
  • The Creature Focus feat was not meeting the pre-requisite of Foebane Magic.
  • The Creature Focus feat was not increasing the effect of Favored Enemy Spellcasting which had chosen the same favored enemy.
  • Weapons of non-medium size were not calculating their weight correctly for the purpose of special material 'per lb' costs.
  • Brass Knuckles were unable to be added at sizes other than medium.
  • The Large Evolution, when added to the Fused Eidolon form of the Synthesist Summoner, was always applying its natural armor bonus, even when the summoner was not fused.
  • The Healer's Touch ability of the Shaman's life spirit had an incorrect append of the information on the Bane item power.
  • When an archetype allowed Oracles to take channeling from two different sources they were incorrectly stacking, rather than remaining independant pools.
  • Neutral Witches with the Hex Channeller archetype were not able to select whether they wanted to channel positive or negative.
  • Shamans with the Unsworn Shaman archetype were not correctly moving the class levels of their primary wandering spirit's abilities.
  • The Divine Tracker archetype was conflicting with the Shapechanger archetype, when a ranger took both they were trying to use the same table.
  • The Shatterspell feat was missing the Dwarf race pre-requisites.
  • The stock portfolio for the gearsman battleguard had the incorrect CR.
  • A vigilante's social identity was not allowed the correct list of alignments to choose from (they should get any alignment within one step on either or both alignment axes).
  • The elven branched spear is now tagged as containing wood, so that you can make a darkwood-hafted branched spear.
  • The Spear Dancer feat's prereqs were not recognizing Weapon Focus (elven branched spear) as having weapon focus in a two-handed reach weapon.
  • The Fighter (two-handed fighter)'s Greater Power Attack ability was not changing the damage from power attack.
  • The Fighter (two-handed fighter)'s Overhand Chop ability now has an on/off checkbox on the In-Play tab to apply its effects when the ability is being used.
  • The Fighter (two-handed fighter)'s Backswing ability now has an on/off checkbox on the In-Play tab to apply its effects when the ability is being used. Note that because the Pathfinder system in Hero Lab doesn't currently have support for listing the individual damage values of each attack in a full attack, the bonus damage will be listed after the normal damage, so for a character with Str 20, for example, it will say "+3 after the first", to tell the user they should add +3 to the damage of all attacks after the first one, since the difference between 2x a +5 str and 1.5x a +5 str is 10 - 7 = 3.
  • The Vitalguard armor modification had an incorrect price.
  • The Deivon's Parry spell had an incorrect casting time.
  • Trying to sell something worth 1gp or 1sp would result in Hero Lab offering you 10sp or 10cp back, rather than the correct coin type.
  • The Snake Charmer's Flute would sometimes throw an error when equipped.
  • Several encounters (and all the art) were missing from chapter 3 of the Ironfang Invasion encounter library. Chapters 4 and 5 have had another quality assurance pass with a variety of small corrections.
  • Hadregash was missing the text for its variant spellcasting text.
  • Cyth-V'sug was missing its variant spellcasting.
  • The Blighted Fey template's Thorn Throw ability was not always a primary attack.
  • The Swashbuckler's Evasive deed was only granting uncanny dodge, rather than improved uncanny dodge when you have panache.
  • The Extend Potion discovery had an incorrect summary.
  • The Alchemical Golem had incorrect default hp.
  • The Pugwampi Gremlin had incorrect default hp.

Data File Authoring
  • Added the dmmBonPwAt and dmmBonPwMl fields, which store the bonus to melee damage from power attack and the current multiplier based on the equip state for this weapon. Both are calculated in "Specific weapon Inherits tDamPower values from Damage", at Final 15000.
  • Added the wDamCalcBr field, which holds text displaying the breakdown of how the damage bonus was calculated. It is the equivalent to wAttCalcBr.
  • Added wRanDmAttr and wRanDamTxt which store the value of the attribute used for ranged damage, and the name of the attribute used (in case that is changed by some ability).
  • Added wMelDmAttr and wMelDamTxt which store the value of the attribute used for melee damage, and the name of the attribute used (in case that is changed by some ability).
  • Added wRAttrMult and wMAttrMult, which store what factor wRanDmAttr/wMelDmAttr are multiplied by based on current equip states.
  • Added the Helper.ExMemAdvan tag, which can be added to classes, and if present, suppresses the prereq that doesn't allow additional levels to be added to a class if you're an ex-member of this class. A checkbox has been added to the Class and Archetype tabs that adds this tag (and if added to an archetype, HL will copy the tag to the linked class). This is used for the Ex-Member archetypes in Antihero's Handbook, which allow you to continue advancing in a class that you're an ex-member of.
  • Lycanthropes now check for the RaceGroup.NatLycan to determining what DR they get.
  • Added RaceGroup.Sphinx to all sphinxes.
  • Added RaceGroup.Vampire to all vampire templates.
  • Added SpecGroup.SpecialKi for feats that have special text related to how ki or monk levels affect them.
  • The fields deiTemples, deiWorship and deiMinions for a deity's temples, worshipers, and minions have been added.
  • The tags Helper.FiendBoons and Hero.FiendBoons have been added. When the Helper tag is on a deity, the Hero tag gets forwarded to the hero. This, in turn, has the Evangelist, Exalted, and Sentinel prestige classes use the alternate prereqs as stated on pg 9 of the Book of the Damned.
  • Added Helper.NoStackSnk. If this tag is present on the racial version of sneak attack, it will not add its number of dice to the class version. This is used for cases where we get sneak attack with a set number of dice only if we do not have the class version. Note: class version still takes precedence over the racial version.
  • The Helper.GrPowerAtk tag, if assigned to a weapon, will set the multiplier for power attack damage to x2. The Greater Power Attack feat assigns this to two-handed weapons in order to apply its effect.
  • The inner workings of Obediences and Boons have been updated.
    • Least boons have all been given a helper for display on the statblock. This helper is to prevent the spell-like abilities granted by a least boon appearing in multiple places on the statblock.
    • Obediences have been tagged so that they only show up as a situational in the statblock and under Special Abilities after the statblock.
    • The various obedience configurables now use both SpecSource tags for the Evangelist, Exalted, and Sentinel prestige classes and the SpecSource tags for the hero's deity to generate the list of boons a hero can select. Since there are now feats that allow mixing of what kinds of boons we can get (<i>e.g.</i>, Damned Soldier and Damned Disciple) the tags Custom.Evangelist, Custom.Exalted, and Custom.Sentinel have also been added. Presence of these tags on the hero (<u>not</u> the obedience configurable) allows boons of those types to be selected as well as well as modifying the labels on the obedience configurable tables.
    • Each of the obedience related prestige classes (Exalted, Evangelist, and Sentinel) now call the procedure FixObeFeat to set what kinds of obediences an obedience feat's configurable will allow.
    • <b>IMPORTANT:</b> When modifying what kinds of boons a hero can get with an obedience, make sure you do not delete the SpecSource tag associated with their deity from the obedience configurable. In other words, do not blanket delete/replace all SpecSource tags with a statement such as delete[SpecSource.?] or tagreplace[SpecSource.?,SpecSource.cHelpXXX]. If you want to change what kind of boons a configurable grants, delete the specific SpecSource for the class you want to replace. Then either assign the specific SpecSource tag for the obedience class you want or assign one of the new Custom tags (see above) to the hero.
    • <b>Note:</b> Having a boon use the polymorph gizmo is still problematic due to conflicts in the timing requirements for RaceCustom things and the polymorph gizmo. The best way around this is to make a RaceSpec thing that takes care of your shapeshifting and bootstrap that with your boon. Have the boon disable/hide this racial special as needed. (See the Baphomet boon Minotaur Form for an example).
    • The procedure SetDeityOb has been added. This procedure takes care of correctly labeling the least boons of an obedience's configurable (including when the hero has access to multiple kinds of obediences due to feats such as Damned Soldier and Damned Disciple). It also sets up an obedience feat's configurable correctly depending on what kind of boons the deity grants and what kind of deity the hero worships (see note on the new Helper.BoonsXXX tags below).
    • The tags Helper.BoonsSimpl and Helper.BoonsNone have been added. These, when added to a deity, are used to limit what kinds of boons the deity grants. Helper.BoonsSimpl is for deities that grant all three kinds of boons (least, greater, and superior) but do not grant different versions for the three obedience releated prestige classes (Evalgelist, exalted, and Sentinel). Helper.BoonsNone is for deities that do not grant obediences or boons. If neither of these tags in on a deity, it is assumed that the deity grants different boons for each of the obeduence related classes.
  • Spell-Like Abilities can now be set via a configurable using the spell tables on the configurable (for an example, see the update to the Imp [rmImp]). The following tags have been added for this mechanic:
    • Helper.NoSLACnt - When added to a spell, hides the trkMax incrementer on the configurable.
    • Helper.SLADefault - This needs to be added to SLAs that are bootstrapped with the configurable that to be considered default SLAs.
    • Helper.SLA1st, 2nd, and 3rd - Specifies what table on the configurable an SLA is to be listed on.

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