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Old October 31st, 2013, 08:24 AM
A new update of the Pathfinder files for Hero Lab is now available from the automatic updates mechanism within Hero Lab.

This update adds Bestiary 4 to Hero Lab! This book has been added as a new package, which is available for $9.99.

This update also adds Blood of the Moon as a free update for all of our users who already own the Player Companion #13 package. This package already contains Mythic Origins, and will have one more Player Companion book added to it in an upcoming release (The exact book is still to be determined, as Paizo releases more books in the Player Companion line). The Player Companion #13 package is available for $4.99.

This update also adds player content from adventure path #75, and includes several bug fixes.

Here's the complete change list for this update (this list is also available by choosing "Pathfinder Roleplaying Game FAQ" from the help menu within Hero Lab):

New Releases!
  • Bestiary 4 is now available as a new package!
  • Content from Blood of the Moon is now available as part of Pathfinder Player's Companion #13.
iPad Changes & Bug Fixes
  • Some items would incorrectly appear multiple times on the Quick Equip form.
Enhancements & Changes
  • Added player content from Pathfinder #75 "Demon's Heresy".
  • Many enhancements have been made to make monster statblocks more closely match Paizo's format
  • Attack bonus calculations are now available for display.
  • Added a new spell adjustment, for the Mind Blank spell.
  • According to consultation with Paizo, Ability Focus has been changed to allow the selection of spell-like abilities.
Bug Fixes
  • Tables are now arranged more correctly and sensibly on several tabs (such as the Feats tab and the different Class tabs).
  • Bonus Feats now appear below other tables on the Class tabs, since many classes Bonus Feat selections depend on selecting a Bloodline or Combat Style or similar first.
  • Streamlined the ranger favored enemy and favored terrain tables.
  • The Portents patron was adding Ill Omen to a witch's familiar at first level, not second.
  • Mythic Selective Channeling was showing that it required Self-Sufficient.
  • The Thieves' Guild membership boon was missing its situational bonus.
  • The Archer and Crossbowman Fighter archetype's Safe Shot ability was missing some of the description text stating what it replaced.
  • The Unnatural Ratfolk ART and Custom Race Trait was missing a situational for the Armor Class.
  • When outputting to d20pro, skills now include all modifiers (for example, racial modifiers).
  • The Oracle's Undead Servitude revelation was not adding the Charisma modifier to Command Undead uses per day.
  • The 4 Goblin gods are no longer limited to only goblins for PFS characters, as they are allowed to all in the Gods and Magic PFS allowed resources list.
  • The Widen Metamagic rods from Ultimate Equipment were missing. Although not spelled out in a full entry, they were listed among the treasure lists and thus we missed them.
  • The Varisian Tattoo feat was not adding +1 CL to all spells of the chosen school.
  • The Android's Constructed special ability had a typo in it.
  • The Tunnel Fighter trait was showing an incorrect situational bonus to initiative.
  • Ettercaps were missing their claw attcks.
  • The troll's regeneration was missing its descriptor.
  • NPCs with a CR below 1/4 were incorrectly taking penalties for having 0 Honor points (resulting in Will saves and Cha skills being 2 lower than they should have been).
  • Siege Weapons were showing multiple attacks for high BAB, and were changing damage when added for characters other than medium.
  • The CR bonuses from Mythic Ranks were incorrect.
  • The Widen spell metamagic rod was missing.
  • The Improved Cover condition was only giving +4 to Stealth when checked. It now correctly gives +10 to stealth.
  • The Immunity to Panicked special was incorrectly shown in the statblock as immunity to frightened.
  • The Brethedan's Natural Armor adaptation had an incorrect pre-req.
  • The Wayang race was missing the Shadow Resistance ability.
  • Incorporeal monsters had an incorrect CMD total, since they were adding their dexterity modifier twice (since Strength was using the same modifier as Dex).
  • The attack bonus adjustment for the Ranger's Favored Enemy bonus wasn't stacking correctly.
  • The Field Plate armor had an outdated price and description from its initial Adventurer's Armory printing. It is now updated to the latest printing (that of the Inner Sea World Guide).
  • The Frost Brand weapon was not applying Fire Resistance when equipped.
  • The Armor Master Fighter archetype's Armored Defense ability was not stacking with Adamantine Armor.
  • The Adopted Background was showing the "Adopted outside your race" table.
  • The Monstrous Physique I (Small) spell adjustment was adding to Strength rather than Dexterity.
  • The Preservationist Alchemist archetype's Bottled Ally ability was not granting Handle Animal as a class skill.
  • Racial spellcasting was not functioning if it mimiced a class that uses a spellbook (like a wizard or witch)
  • The Inspirational Commander feat was missing it's pre-requisite of Charisma 13.
  • The shield bash, if it was from a custom/magic shield, was not properly reporting whether it was equipped or not, which could lead to errors in the attack values that were calculated while a shield bash was part of a dual-wield.
  • If you added multiple copies of the same spell to a custom scroll, the name displayed for the spells and for the scroll were both incorrect.
  • Under the numerical alignment system, if you chose a race with a default alignment, you weren't able to change the alignment away from the default.
  • The necromacy school's Power Over Undead ability was granting the opposite feat from the one chosen.
  • The otherworldly kimono wasn't granting its bonus to caster level checks to overcome spell resistance.
  • The foe-biting legendary item ability was missing.
  • Celestial Totem rage powers were granting a bite attack when the character was raging.
  • The Mythic Spell Penetration feat was granting twice the bonus to overcome spell resistance that it should have.
  • Power attack was not functioning correctly with double weapons.
  • The dwarf druid favored class bonus was missing.
  • The Purifier archetype for Oracles was applying its Diminished Spellcasting twice.
  • The Artisan's Tools (and the Masterwork Artisan's Tools) listed Craft (armor) twice among the skills to select from.
  • The Dragonslaying Strike ability of the Oath Against the Wyrm archetype for Paladins was applying its DR 10/evil at level 1.
  • The Cast Into the Void ability of the Oath Against Corruption archetype for Paladins was applying its DR 10/evil at level 1.
  • The spell adjustment for Greater Heroism was granting a flat 4 hit points.
  • The Frostbite spell was not marked as dealing cold damage, which meant it was incorrectly marked as not eligible for the Rime Spell metamagic.
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Old October 31st, 2013, 08:24 AM
Data File Authoring
  • Adjustments can now enter a Custom Expression for the options they offer for selection, and are no longer limited to the pre-set options in the "Show Menu".
  • Created the DescAppend field. This is intended as a way to condense many similar abilities into a single modifieable ability which can be bootstrapped multiple times with unique text each time. This is distinct from the #appendesc[] macro because that acts on the thing, and thus the change is applied to all copies of a thing on the hero. For example, many monsters have a Disease ability (and some templates or other abilities add other disease abilities). Until now each of these had been created as a seperate, unique pick with its own description. With the DescAppend field there can be a single "Disease" special which sets the description when bootstrapped. Text placed in DescAppend will be displayed after the normal description text, but before any text added by SpInfo or DescInfo tags.
  • Created the abRange field. Similar to abDuration, this is a numeric field meant to store a certain type of value. Until now, most Aura abilities used one of the abValue fields for storing their range, and that will still work, but if using abRange the statblock output will be displayed closer to the Paizo standard (with the range inside the same parenthesis with any DC). Many other abilities have been switched over to use abRange in thier displays, but old bootstraps should remain working in most cases.
  • Attack and Damage has now been made granular, so that you can apply a typed bonus to only melee attacks, only ranged attacks, or so on, and have it stack appropriately. This is accomplished by a new set of fields, but the same #applybonus macro as before is still used.
  • Attack and Damage fields have been added to specials, and they may now be shown on the weapons tab.
  • SpecType tags may now be added to spells, to mark whether a spell should be shown on a certain line of the automatically generated statblock. It should be added as an autotag when Bootstrapping a Spell-like ability which is Constant. For example, a monster with Constant True seeing would bootstrap that spell with SpecType.Sense, so it shows on the Senses line of the statblock.
  • Created the Hide.Statblock tag. This prevents a special from being added to the output hero statblock (used for Situational Stealth bonus and similar abilities).
  • Created the Helper.ShowStatbl tag. This signals that a special should show in the Generate Hero Statblock, even though it is not shown on the Specials tab (indicated by Helper.ShowSpec). An ability with neither Helper.ShowStatbl nor Helper.ShowSpec will not be shown in the statblocks.
  • Added the StatblHide tag group to be able to hide specials on individual sections of the statblock (StatblHide.Attack, StatblHide.Immune, etc). For example, the Trample special is a natural weapon in HL but it is also a special attack. With these tags, we can hide it on the melee line but not on the special attacks line. Similarly, statblocks often show a single ability which is a bundle of other things which are not shown. "Undead Traits" includes many different immunities which normally would be shown on the Immunity line alongside it. Now the special can apply the StatblHide.Immune tag to each of those.
  • The sbName field, introduced in previous releases, has been consolidated to set itself to a standard set of behaviors if left empty. Where a special varies from the normal rules, an eval script has been added to that thing to set it specially. You can also bootstrap a thing with sbName already set, and override the standard behaviors that way (for example, with Change Shape).
  • Some specials (Regeneration, Lingering Breath, Swallow Whole) had previously been designed around bootstrapping the special with a livename that was only part of the final livename. In general, this is to be discouraged. The previous method should work, but most of this functionality is moved over into abText, and that should be used in the future.
  • Created the #applyvalue2, #applyvalue3, and #applyvalue4 macros. They function just like #applyvalue but they target a different abValue field each.
  • Expanded the SpecType tag group to add SpecType.Initiative and SpecType.ArmorClass. Marked abilities show right of the initiative bonus in the statblock (such as Dual Initiative) or right of the AC bonus breakdown (like "never flat-footed").
  • Added the Helper.NoAttrDam tag. When added to a special attack, the current attribute does not add it's damage to the damage fields. This is useful for many special attacks that do attribute damage (for example), and thus the strength of the attack is not related to the strength attribute.
  • Types and Subtypes now have abValue fields, which can be used to store various values (for example, energy resistance values), and then have those accessable to be changed from outside.
  • Races have the rReachNote field, which is transfered to the sister field tReachNote on the hero. If there is any text in tReachNote, an asterick will appear next to the displayed reach, and the user can mouseover it to see notes. This is necessary for many monsters which have some natural attacks with longer reach than their base.
  • Weapons can now have the Helper.NoAttrDam tag, which prevents any damage bonus from the active attribute.
  • Created the Helper.NoAttacks tag, for specials which do not make attacks but nonetheless should be shown on the melee line of the statblock/on the weapons tab. This is used for the Swarm attack special ability.
  • The tooltips for the fortitude, reflex, and will save as well as the attack bonus progression on the class tab in the editor were incorrect.
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Old October 31st, 2013, 08:41 AM
Awesome! However:

Originally Posted by Mathias View Post
Tables are now arranged more correctly and sensibly on several tabs (such as the Feats tab and the different Class tabs).

Can you please alpha sort the names on the stock portfolio list?

There's 151 of those suckers now and I die a little inside every time I spend 5 minutes trying to find the name of that one stock portfolio I need that has the monster I want to import.
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Old October 31st, 2013, 09:02 AM
Mine is sorted alphabetically. That is an odd order you have there. very odd.
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Old October 31st, 2013, 09:09 AM
My stock portfolios are alphabetically sorted, and I've never seen them not properly sorted, so I think there may be something odd about the way your copy of Hero Lab is set up. I'm investigating what could cause that.

Last edited by Mathias; October 31st, 2013 at 09:22 AM.
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Old October 31st, 2013, 09:24 AM
Uhn, that's bad news then. Because I'm using Wine, so the bug is going to be between that and whatever function the app is using on the sort. And running down that compatibility issue isn't something you guys are going to want to add to your task list.

So I'll fiddle with Wine versions and see if that does the trick and check the wine bug tracks.

Thanks for the quick feedback though.
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Old October 31st, 2013, 09:29 AM
Just checked with Colen, and this sorting issue is a known issue under Wine, and is already on our to-do list.
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Old October 31st, 2013, 10:13 AM
More detailed explanation - if you tell windows to "give me a list of the files in this folder" it happens to return them already sorted, but for some reason Wine does not. We're planning some interesting new things for stock portfolios in the coming months, which should resolve this issue.
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Old October 31st, 2013, 10:44 AM
Yeah, I figured. You're probably using something like a filtered Directory.GetFiles. I assumed you just weren't tossing it through a sort, which I guess you aren't because you don't need to under Windows

I'm building out new wine package to see if they fixed it between 1.4.1 and 1.6, but no biggie. Looking forward to the new stuff you're doing with stocks.
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Old October 31st, 2013, 12:22 PM

If I want to change how armies are done to match Ultimate Battle, can I do that through the editor or does it require data file authoring?

I looked in the editor and cant find references to army stuff.
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