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Old July 12th, 2018, 11:29 AM
Originally Posted by DaveM View Post
I'm not able to replicate this behavior here. Is it possible you had more than one Hero Lab instance running at the time? Is anyone else seeing this issue?
Nope, only the one instance. I loaded HL, and used the built-in updater to try to update to 8.6b. I ran into this issue when updating to 8.6a as well, and it was fixed the same way. Downloading the installer from the website, then running the installer instead. Both times I had only opened one instance of HL to check/perform updates.
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Old July 14th, 2018, 04:49 AM
Posting to say that I had the .exe file issue as well.

I ended up using the setup tool from when I downloaded hero lab to get it back, and then I was able to update with no errors.
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Old July 14th, 2018, 01:44 PM
Ran a game yesterday and getting quite a few errors when accessing content that originated from Realm Works. Need to do further testing to confirm the cause though.

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Old Yesterday, 07:13 AM
With 8.6 increasing the ID limit to 20 characters, I have a couple of questions.

1) Does anyone know if there is a simple way to increase/expand existing ids?
2) Does the 20 character limit apply to Group names for Tags?
3) Does the 20 character limit apply to component/compset ids as well?


Working on -
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Old Yesterday, 07:20 AM
1) it would be the same as any other time you wanted to change the Id you're using for a tag - you'll need to replace all uses of it at the same time.

2) yes
3) yes
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