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Old March 31st, 2014, 09:48 AM
This should be a nice easy, minor one.

When your snippet type is a tag, say, Gender, then when you create a topic, it shows up in the topic as "Gender:" and then your choice.

When your snipped type is text, however, it doesn't have that lead in, it just creates a text box inside of which there is the name of the snippet. This leaves me with the inconvenience of having to retype the lead in before every step.

Example: In my individual category, I have a section for relationships, and I have several snippets - Mother, Father, Spouse, Child, etc. - all with Text entry types. I figured I'd create links to other topics in there and essentially have a nice interlinked family tree.

When I created my first person, Edward, and added a snippet for Mother (I set it so none of them auto add, since I figured a lot of them would be inapplicable at any given time), I got a text box with mother marked inside of it. So now for it to display the way I want, I have to actually type "Mother: Jeanette" instead of just typing "Jeanette".

So my request is for a check box option "include lead in" or some such when creating a snippet, that will allow it to display the snippet's name in front of the snippet.

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