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Old May 10th, 2020, 02:46 PM
I have two things that keep coming up in my games.

Minor: Could we have a way to add wealth directly in the Gear tab? Since I use milestone "No XP to level" eight of the nine players only use the Journal to add wealth. If not, could we please, please, please have some sort of positive indication when the Journal adds wealth? I am so tired of walking players through fixing their cash over voice chat after they click the button two or three times.

Major: Not having access to the PCs unless I own them is incredibly cumbersome. I understand that Lone Wolf doesn't want players to get their characters messed up by a bad DM on Roll 20 or something, but seriously, a player can make a copy of their character outside the campaign context before every game, during every break in the game, and while I haven't checked it I wouldn't be surprised if they could make a copy before every round of combat. I just want to access the copy of the character in my Patron campaign, the way I could access the copy of the character in my HLC campaigns. At the very least, could I get access to the Effects tab?

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