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Old May 27th, 2019, 12:03 PM
This is a question directed towards those with better knowledge than I.

I am GMing Legendary Planet currently. In that regard, I have created Herolab encounter files and NPC files (and in may instances, custom monsters and races) for The Assimilation Strain, To Worlds Unknown and The Scavenged Codex. I have several more to go before I am done with the entire AP (indeed, the last volume of LP is not yet released, but should be this June).

I plan to finish up the encounter files for the balance of the AP over the coming months.

This is a lot of work. For the entire AP, I estimate it will take me a total of about 80 hours to finish these encounter files.

In addition, many of the entries for encounters in Legendary Planet specify an entry to use as a base from the Gamemastery Guide of the NPC or, more rarely, the Monster Codex. Is it okay to import such encounters in and then share the encounter files at issue?

Which leads me to my real question:

How do I share these files with others so that they are available for download for those with an interest in doing so? (Pathfinder GM Pack or otherwise) It would seem that these files should be made available at https://www.d20pfsrd.com/extras/comm...ions/hero-lab/

I would guess that Tim is the gatekeeper.

How should these encounter files be organized?

How do I send those files to Tim, and in what format should I bundle them up (.Rar, .zip etc.)


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Old June 1st, 2019, 12:42 PM
After I added the LG players guide to the Community Pack Legendary Games contacted me. They where not happy with me adding the players guide and actually demanded I remove it. I politely said I had followed the OGL so not sure why I should remove it. I was then asked to not add anything more from Legendary Planet to the community pack.

That being said you may wish to contact LG and see if they want to officially get your files added to HL.

I am willing to add these to the community repository but being that LG already is not happy we would have to make sure we 100% followed the OGL. This means no specific names for monsters or NPCs are used. Except for ones that already come from the Paizo Bestiary.

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