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The races, subclasses, background, deities (with benefits) and supernatural gifts from Mythic Odysseys of Theros have been programmed. They will be in the next release of the Community Pack. But if you can't wait, go to my branch on our GitHub to find them.

Required Files:
  • COM_5ePack - Helper Things.user
  • COM_5ePack - Tags.1st
  • COM_5ePack_MOoT - Classes.user
  • COM_5ePack_MOoT - Dieties.user
  • COM_5ePack_MOoT - Races and Background.user
  • COM_5ePack_MOoT - Supernatural Gifts.user
  • COM_Source_110 - Sourcebooks.1st
Optional Files
Installing the updated GGtR and VGtM files will make the Centaur, Minotaur, and Triton show up when the MOoT source is selected. If you don't want to bother downloading these files and still want to use these races in Theros, just select VGtM for the Triton and/or GGtR for the Centaur and Minotaur.
  • COM_5ePack_GGtR - Races and Languages.user
  • COM_5ePack_VGtM - Races.user
Copying the files
Click on each of the files at the GitHub, then open the same file on your computer in Notepad. If the file doesn't exist on your PC yet (like the files with MOoT in the name), you'll need to make them first. Copy the full text from the GitHub version and replace the entirety of the file on your computer. Save that file.

Finishing up
You'll need to reload Hero Lab. Save and quit, or hit ctrl+r. To see these options on a character, use the Configure Hero menu and check the box for Mythic Odyssey's of Theros.

What's included
  • Leonin Race
  • Satyr Race
  • Oath of Glory Paladin
  • College of Eloquence Bard
  • Athlete background
  • Piety tracking (auto-added when you select a Deity or Supernatural Gift that uses it)
  • All Theros Deities and their Piety benefits
  • All Theros Supernatural Gifts
I found a bug/mistake/problem!
Great! This is prerelease material, so the more we find, the better. Tell us as much as you can by logging an issue at the GitHub.

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