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Old October 15th, 2020, 02:08 AM

I am trying to create the Planar Shepherd (PlS) class from Faiths of Eberron (p.105). None of the content from this book has been added to the pack as of yet.

As I have never created anything with the HLC editor, I already have several questions, and probably more to come. I don't intend to have you work on my behalf (even if this will maybe sound like it sometime), but, well, I have to learn how the editor works, at some point.

Here are my first questions :

1 / One of the pre-requisites for the PlS PrC is "Feats: Greensinger Initiate or , Nightbringer Initiate". None of these feats exist in the pack, so I have to add them. They both add a bunch of skills to the Druid Skill list, as well as a bunch of spells to the Druid Spell list.
- I think that, for the feat to actually add skills/spells to the PC's lists, I have to add an "Eval Script" when I create it, but I am a bit lost as to what it should contain. Should it only be some iterations of "skill = "ClassSkill.kSkillCode"" ?
- Also how to write the code to add a spell to the spell list ?
- An other issue is that the feats add the skills/spells to the DRUID Spell List (not the character's spell list). I think it means that these feats have no effect whatsoever if the character is not at least a lvl1 Druid. How could this be implemented ?
- I have figured out how to add the skills lvls and WIld SHape pre-requisites for the PrC, but I didn't find how to work out a pre-requisite of one feat OR another one. How should I go about this ?

2 / The PlS spellcasting abilities state that "at each level, you gain new spells perday and an increase in caster level as if you had also gained a level in a divine spellcasting class to which you belonged before adding the prestige class level".
- From watching how other PrCs that work the same way are done in the editor, I gather that I have to use the "Extra Magic/Power Level" from the "Miscellaneous Details" part in the Class tab of the editor. Is that right ?
- How do I make sure that the player can only add the extra lvls to a divine spellcasting class he already has levels in ?

3 / It is also stated that "your planar shepherd levels stack with your druid levels for the purpose of determining the abilities of your animal companion". Here there are two way things can go down. Either the PC was a druid prior to becoming a PlS, or he wasn't.
- If he was, I guess that the "Extra Magic/Power Levels" from the previous question should do the trick ?
- If he wasn't, well I guess he just doesn't have an animal companion, as it is not stated that taking PlS levels GRANT the ability to have one. This is more of a ruling issue, but I'd like your input on it anyway.

4 / Here is a question about ressources that don't yet exist in the community pack. The first special ability of the PlS PrC is "Planar Attunement (Ex): At 1st level, you must choosea single plane of existence other than the Material Plane, such as Irian the Eternal Day. Once selected, your planar shepherd features are forever attuned to this plane. Youcannot choose a plane with an alignment trait opposedto any component of your own alignment". The descriptions of the existing planes and their characteristics can be found in Eberron Campaign Settings (p.92). Idealy, at PlS lvl1, the player should have access to a drodown menu to choose the plane he wants to attune with.
- How can I add the different planes and their effects in the editor ? I don't really see a fitting catergory.
- How can I ask the user to chose a plane to attune to an PlS lvl 1 ?

Well, this is all I got for now. HeroLab is a great tool, and now that I've fiddled a bit in the editor, I really see how much work it has been to create this community pack. This is a fun project, though, and I'm pretty sure I'll try my hand at some other classes/races, once I'm done with this one

Thank you very much for your help ! Have a nice day !
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