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Old February 26th, 2013, 05:10 PM

I went ahead and released early because I think that advancements, which I was hoping to have done for this release, are going to take more effort than I thought. I don't think I can get them done in two days!

Here is my release notes for this version:

Alternity data files for Hero Lab

This is the new release of the Alternity rules. These are done by the author, Jon Goranson, and not Lone Wolf Development. As such, any questions should be sent to the author at the email address provided under Help -> About These Data Files and not Lone Wolf.

.8 release
Fixed Free Agent Resistance modifier.
Updated character sheet.
Updated skill page. Now with color!
Updated some Perks and Flaws to apply effects.
Updated description view of gear, armory, skills.
Implemented some advancements.
Added campaign level pick.
Added in vehicles.
Added in computers.
Calculate level based on xp earned, up to level 100.
Calculate Tech Op bonus points due to level, up to level 65.
Updated skill summary panel.
Clean up ammo costs and weight. I automatically added some items to the ammo side when certain weapons were picked. However, I might not be able to leave it that way because then the added item is not available for stacking.

I am calling this a middle release. They work to create a starting PL5 character and parts of a PL6 or PL7 character but there are still things to do to have everything from the Alternity Player's Handbook implemented. Mainly, while I do let a character pick mutations or cybergear, right now I have not implemented the full tracking rules according to the PH.

Need to implement: Track FX points for Psionic abilities.
Use campaign level pick for more.
Track cybernetic psychosis.
Clean up weapon damage type - put on ammo instead.
Computers - Not sure what to do with this. It seems the intent was to have a cyberpunk like rules system with programs, memory slots, etc.
Get metric height and weights.
Work on combining helmets and shields into armor score.
More advancements need to be implemented.
Add level into advancements.
Get costs working in advancements for skills and attributes.
Implement better summary panels.
Add unused skill points to xp on switching character to advancement mode.
Don't add xp to advances until level up?
Fix advances so broad skills don't show up in pick list to improve.
Add what descriptions I can.
Update manual.
Update FAQ.
Update/clean up character sheet as needed.

Previous updates
.7 release: All armor and weapons entered.

Still some work to do but in much better shape.

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